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Issue 13 - Date 12 November 2005

For run No 13 hares were Mats”Hairy Nuts” and Marie, well she doesn’t have hash a name so she will get one soon.

This time the run place was totally different from the usual place where we use to set the trail, Partille and Mölndal. We were 12 people meeting in Frölunda Torg and as soon as everyone arrived the circle was called and the hares were asked to explain the run.

Mats ”Hairy Nuts” told us about the trail and explained his rules for the run. I think he forgot that there are no rules in the hash, however he told us about the run.

We all started on the trail and the weather was not perfect, it was raining all the way but we can’t have all so every one enjoyed the run anyway.

Helen “Swinging Tits“, Abenet ”Penis Boy” , Christina and Sofia were walking in the back waiting for Christina as usual she was walking so slow.

After a long walk we all get to the hash hold where everyone was waiting for us. The place were we had hash hold was where the Swedish kids put there TEAT in the tree when they grow up, it was cool to see it, I guess the hares had there TEAT there too when they started having beer.

After hash hold we kept walking for a while and finally we got to the beer stop and we all got really cold beer and some snacks, everyone seems happy when they got their beer.

We all took some beer and start walking back to the ON!IN! It  was a long way and Marie who was hares she couldn’t find the way, well at least she had a map with her so we could find the way.

When everyone came back the GM called for circle and the hares got a down down for the work they had done and it was a great hash even if it was raining, we all enjoyed it a lot.

We had some newcomers Sofia and Nadia and they was called in to the circle and got down down, welcome to the hash and hope to see you again.

We had some sinners, Christina for destroying the nature and for forcing the GM to look at her while she was peeing, well do we want to see you while you destroy nature,  big sinner  Another sinner was Mats “Shrimp Spew” for stretching and while he was running he was chasing the ducks we all didn’t know what was his reason but we all agree he is sinner and he got a down down for that.

After singing  the usual  hash hymns we closed the circle and went to the hares house and got food and more drinks. We were On until 22.00, we had a great time and we all danced. Thanks hares for a great time, we enjoyed it a lot.


Dear Hasher, soon we are having our big event and I really hope all of you are ready for the RED DRESS RUN and the party in the evening.

Everyone has to wear a Red Dress, the person who do not have a Red Dress can imagine what will happen during the run.

40 people have already signed up for the party and it is going to be really fun, as I wrote before you will not regret it at all, it will be the best day.




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