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Issue 14 - Date 26 November 2005

Hare was our GM Abenet “Penis Boy”. The hashers gathered in Kållered Station, even though the hare was late everyone was waiting for the GM. Finally after long time waiting the GM showed up with his excuse for being late and came with a car loaded of equipment for the DJ in the evening, well that was good excuse. Everyone was waiting for the party in the evening anyway.

The hare told us about the run and also told us that the run will be short because of the party so that everyone can go home earlier and get rest. After the hare told us about the run we all began walking and some of the fellow hashers running. 

The weather looked like it was going to be snow but that didn’t stop the Gothenburg hasher, we all continue our walking and got to the first checkpoint. Horny Boy and Jerk Off looked for the right trail and luckily after while Horny Boy found the trail and shouted “OnOn”. It was great place with beautiful forest and it felt refreshing for all of us. This time our usual behind walker Christina make it to hang with every one all the way to the circle. We didn’t hade any beer break because of the walk itself was short and after walking for 45 minutes we all got to the circle.

Guess what happen when we got there, the GM wasn’t there, he went to get us hot pizza and cold beer. After every one got some beer and got rest the GM called for circle and we gave him 10 out of 10 for nice run and he got his down down. Lisa “Total Wanker” came in to the circle with beer on her head and made the GM sinner for not being there on time and for making short cut while everyone else went all the way so GM got another down down.

Two hashers got hash names this time and get baptized, Sofia “STICKY FINGER” and Marie “DANCING KING”. They seemed so happy for their new hash names and we spilled beer on there head. We all singed hash hymns and the GM closed the circle . It got cold immediately so we decided to wrap things up and head back to the GM home and got food and more beer.

In the evening 36 people showed up and the DJ was playing all night his best music and entertained us and everyone was dancing and enjoyed their beer!!

Sofia “Sticky Finger” was walking around taking up her cloths and asking every one to touch her, is it not a good name she got? We all enjoyed it so much and hade great time there, thank you GM for doing every thing all by yourself. Good job.


Before I say something else, I would love to thank Siv “Black Addis Widow” for standing in every place for help when we needed it and for cleaning up the place where we had the party and to make every thing possible. Siv, we  Gothenburg hashers are grateful for every thing you did and thank you for your help.

My second thanks goes to Hurricane. She was in US for visiting and the same day we had the party she just came back from her trip and she came to the party from the airport, that is a real hasher. I would like to thank you behalf of all Gothenburg hashers for your support and for being there with us.

Well, what shall I say more, sure I have to thank myself too for doing every thing by myself and for making everybody drunk, that was the point.

Thank you every one for coming to the red dress hash and the party in the evening.

On! On!


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