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Issue 15 - Date 11 December 2005
GH3:s Hash #15 took place in Partille just a few weeks before X-mas. Hares were the bad-to-the-bone brothers Shrimp Spew and Jerk Off. The trail was laid out before us in a non snowy Partille on and up hills, and even a real fortress was involved! (See "Gallery" for excellent pics). A lot of hungry hashers showed up - since we had a special guest chef all the way from Skara, namely Ms. Hurricane. More on that subject later...
The trail was beautiful as usual, starting off at Mellbyvägen, a few hundred meters and then ascending uphill a BIG flight of stairs carved in granite. Yes, that was some hard stuff for all of us. Not the granite - but you know what I mean. When we got up, some of us believed that the summit had been reached. Not so, oh no. The little fort we have as a landmark here in Partille was our target of the day! A LOT more hill climbing (phew) took place, but when we finally got up everybody looked happy as the lazy sods they are. Jerk Off took some nice pics, including the world famous "Titanic pose". Nice one!
We descended from our top notch position and took off on the fields and hills of our little county. Brown leaves covered the ground and everyone really missed the snow. More on THAT subject in the upcoming trash #6...
One of our fellow hashers had a big scarf wrapped around her neck, and she felt kind of suffocated from it. "It feels like I'm choking and my head is coming off", she proclaimed. Of course she got baptised for this hilarious moment, and "head" was swiftly replaced with "knob" - Knob Off!
The run came to an end at Mellbyvägen (A to A Hash) where we held the obligatory circle, and our enthusiastic GM took over the show. Since I've been a total lazy fook and can't remeber everything that happened I'll be brief. The bad-to-the-bones-brothers father Sven, got he hash handle "Svennis" after Sven-Goran Eriksson, head of the English nat'l football team, for those of you that strangely are unaware of this fact. Just because his name is Sven and he is a big football fan. Nice going. I got a down-down for being gone with the wind (again, what am I doing away from you guys...) and we all sang loudly the classical hash hymns to our neighbors big faces and ears.
After the circle there was only one discussion: FOOD. And - lots of it. Hurricane had been cooking for a whole company and we dug in heavily at all the gourmet dishes of Malaysian specialties. My oh my, was this awesome food! I think I licked my plate twice and we ate it all up. This is what we in Sweden call a "Tabberas" after Astrid Lindgrens books about the little rascal Emil i Lönneberga. We all sat i Jerk Offs apartment, burping and lying about the day's escapades. A lot of beers were downed and this was one of the best hashes ever. In fact, sooo good we almost decided to change our hash name to GGH3. Huh? Gothenburg Gourmet H3! A food theme on coming hashes was planned... Some of us went out in the night for some serious clubbing, but since I didn't attend I can't give you any details. Maybe later - watch this space!
BIG THANKS to Hurricane for the catering and to our hares for a lovely trail!
Cheers and On! On! Your humble trasher,
/Gone With The Wind 




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