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Issue 18 - Date 28 April 2006

On April 28th, a day characterized by heavy rain, wind and other fall-like weather, two hash clubs ran a joint venture, gathering hashers from all over, small and big, young as old, there were hashers of all sorts defying the climate to conquer the “Hisingen Hill Climb”. Despite some municipal traffic, which is always unreliable, some 30 odd hashers gathered at Wieselgrensplatsen to get their warm-ups and trail description for the up-coming event. Hairy Nuts and Patrik were the designated hares for this hash and Narrow Gauge led us through the warm-ups impressingly with the familiar rocket with a voice that sounded like an old Ford engine or scare crow (what had NG been doing earlier?).

Two trails had been laid, one for walkers and one for runners. Unaware of the consequences, the two hares had laid the track a day before with flour. What they forgot to anticipate was the “usual” weather in Gothenburg (this might be posted as a new rule, not using flour the day before an event, only on the same day). It had been pouring down almost all day, making it VERY difficult for the hashers to follow the trail.

With great enthusiasm, the walkers and runners set off at great speed. However, the runners looked instantly like chickens looking for seed, running around in random directions, heads bobbing up and down towards the wet asphalt. After some difficulties the track was found, to the joy of the hashers. Since the flour trail looked like vomit after the rain, it was fortunately that the hash was two days before Valborg. Finding their way up and towards the top of Ramberget, they met up at a “hash-view” with the rest of the walkers. In this gathering many hashers looked over Gothenburg, with sun in their backs and marvelled over the city’s phenomenal view. I think many hashers enjoyed this moment of rest from the long hill climb and moments to capture this event on film (probably need more Japanese people next time). From this hill the walkers had a lot of difficulties finding the correct way back down the hill. At one point in time, you would have expected to be running after Narrow Gauge taken the strong odeur from exhaust fumes and seeing smoke stacks but suddenly, you realized instead that it was just the smell from the refineries and the Bracke tunnel.

GH3 GM Penis Boy, one of the walkers, started his anger management therapy towards Hairy Nuts at this point, which would take a turn for the worse a little later closer to the on-in.

Near the Chalmers school and Semcon, where the on-in where located, the hares had laid several false tracks, but the walkers tried to get some information from Hairy Nuts to make sure the where on the right track, the only reply they got was a grim smile. Way to go Hairy Nuts! But for the runners, it was a bit worse. Almost everybody turned in to SCB:s. Because of fatigue and poor marking everybody almost set off directly to Semcon, shame on them (myself included). I will have a down-down as I write this. But at the on-in everybody cheered up for the post-circle gathering and events to come.

Penis Boy made it very clear to the G2H3-hashers that they still have to improve the rawness in their post-circle. Here sinners were declared one after another. There was no end to the down-downs in the chilling Gothenburg weather.

Our newly found Religious Advisor Queen Latifa put no fingers across in her effort to punish the sinners (Even the two GMs rightfully received some heavy bashing). Among other things being fined were: wearing plastic bandages(virgins Micke J and Jocke E), walkmeters, new shoes and not using proper hash names or speaking English in the circle! Especially Crack Back Seal and Patrik were reaping the fruits from their belief that bringing new shoes into the hash society would be over looked (BIG sin Crack Back Seal!). They were so wrong, with the result that their “new” shoes were used as means of container for their respective down-down for this terrible sin.

Of course, the mismanagement had requested, no demanded the presence of Mimmi K for this hash. The brutal wet and flour filled baptize of Mimmi must have been a shock to her but that was mainly due to the helping friendly (!?!) hands of Penis Boy and Queen Latifa. Anyhow, solemnly swinging his sweaty socks in her face, GM Narrow Gauge declared “in the name of the hare, the hound and the holy hash and the powers vested in me I baptize thee” that Mimmi’s hash name would be “Candy Queen”. She got down-downs both on the inside and on the outside for this occasion, making her baptizing the most extreme in G2H3-history.

In the cold wind, almost everyone was called into the circle by GM Penis Boy and RA Queen Latifa but eventually, the harriers/harriettes were let into the locker rooms and the awaiting cleaning process could finally start before jumping into the jacuzzi and afterwards enjoying a delicious buffe´and drinks.

Well done!




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