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Issue 25 - Date 30 September 2006

Hare was Abenet "PenisBoy" and today 12 hashers had gathered to have a nice birthday run in and around KŚllered. We met at about 14.00 near the train station to start todayís run. The weather was ok at the begining but hash God knows what happened after.

We began the run in the old motorway beautiful surroundings heading for the woods and lots of us was walking, well Lisa "Total Wanker" came back after half way.

The run it self wasnít so long, after all the GM "Penisboy" was going to have his birthday party in the evening so we took it so easy and the run was wonderful though it was up and down half way but we all made it. We had hash hold well no one had found it because we didnít hade any one to lead us after all the hare stayed behind and worried after his party in the evening. The FRB made some short cut and made it to the On!In!

When everyone got back the GM called for the circle in the rain and we all frozen but we have to follow what the GM said. The GM was returned from his trip so he got beer and as you all know no one drink alone in the circle so ShrimpSpew came in to the circle for calling the GM in the middle of the night and asking about his birthday party! Ah canít you wait till it is in the morning ShrimpSpew?

We didnít hade any newcomer nor leaver and everyone behaved well so we didnít have any sinner. We sang and cheered in the rain, which was pouring heavier now. It got cold immediately so we decided to wrap things up and head back to the Chineís restaurant. Everyone seemed content with today's event and was ready for the big party in the evening



Now the GM is back from his long, long, long trip and time for his place to be given and rule his fellow hasher. My trip was really wonderful and I had a great time, and I had joined the Bangkok Harriet hash after all. There wasnít a hash the day I was in Bangkok and that was the only choice that I had. The Harriet gave me a upside down downdown, well even I love beer that was hell to drink it when my head was upside down. But I hade a great time with them and I will love to thank then from my bottom of my heart, I hope some of you will make it here to Gothenburg hash for pay back time.

My Ethiopia trip was great more, than great! Was able to see my family and my home hash where I was belonging and it was really fun to see all hasher over there, I hope they felt the same when they saw me, well who knows that they felt !!!! Been hashing with them every week for 2 months and enjoyed the beer and the run. Lots of new thing happen while I was away, well do I expected thing will stand and wait for me?? Who know?

It was a sad moment to leave all the great moment and time I had spend with Addis Ababa hash but I know when there is time and money that I will come back and see them again. I also will Love to Thank them for there hospitality they gave me while I was there! THANK YOU ADDIS HASHER!!

The MC has decided to set a date for the run every 3rd week so there are dates in case if anybody want to be hare and please try to sign up to be hare so that we can have our hash and specially beer!

So that is all I can say for now! Wait and see the next one!

On! On!


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