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Issue 26 - Date 29 October 2006

The Onon Onoff Onon run.

Hares for the 26th run were Hurricane, Jerk Off and Skipoper. Special thanks to Hurricane for the great Thaifood and cakes.

The theme of the day became lost and found.

The Hashers gathered at Mellbyvägen. First came our new hasher Shaven Bottom, Welcome!.

Standing there waiting for the last Hashers to arrive the fun started. They were running late parking and getting organized with kids, pram and babybackpack. GM Penis Boy called for the start. Just as we were about to set off we notice that the pram was empty. Their eightmonth baby was still sitting in the car. After getting the baby we were on the way.

The run went toward Partille centrum and Allum shoppingmall passing Partille Slott and Allum indoor car park. Behind Allum the long uphill stretch towards Björndammen was a though climb for most of us. Then we headed west through Finngösaravinen down to Puketorp.

Being in the end of the pack I notice Dancing King and Gone with the Wind standing in the street ahead of us with a small white dog.

This turned out to be a dog being lost that had started to follow them down the street. When asking some local residents we got the answer that this dog was not from the neighborhood. It was decided that the dog later called Harriet could continue to follow us.

Coming back to Onin at Mellbyvägen we immediately called the local police and after a while the police said they had a report about a couple missing a dog. Harriet had run away from her dogsitters. They came to pick her up within minutes while we were having DownDowns in the circle. Guess the owners will never know about this story.

Coming back to the circle we had some serious DownDowns. First Penis Boy and Hurricane for taking a detour into the shoppingmall and then shortcutting back to OnIn. HairyNuts several cups of beer for the dog business. More DownDowns for the Dad forgetting his baby in the car. Probable cause was a hangover. ShrimpSpew also got it for the mail about cancelling the run.

When circle was closed we went inside to eat the great food and have more beer.

This great Hash also included a naming ceremony in the bathtub. Our Dadhasher got the name Lost in Hangover and while we were at it we gave the baby the hashname Lost and Found.





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