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Issue 27 - Date 11 November 2006

The pub crawl.

We were supposed to start out at 17.00 hours at Götaplatsen, but due to some wankers lacking respect we got away a bit late. Just in time for some heavy rain which was worrying for all the flour layed out on the ground. This was, I think, the first hash run of GH3 held in the dark but the FRB´s did a good job anyhoo! Rain, darkness and open checks is not your easiest way to run about… Behind Götaplatsen and our big art museum, there are villas and mansions from a time when rich people were really stinking rich and the houses are always nice to see. Down towards Kårhuset (where the students of Göteborg University get sloshed) we ran into 2 students from Chalmers University of technology which served us free hot dogs! Cheap as we are, we gladly accepted the food, since it was both cold and raining. A food cart served as a big grill that could also provide some warmth to our cold limbs.

Away towards another park and then up to our parade street – the Avenue. Now it was time for our first stop on the pub crawl, at the Bishops Arms. The whole gang entered and had a couple of cold ones before heading out again and luckily the rain had stopped. On down the big Avenue, towards Gustaf Adolfs square and to the next pub stop, at the Delirium Tremens. This bar has the best assortment of beers in the world! No less than 2006 different sorts… Maybe we should make Delirium “our designated pub”? A couple of more beers for everyone, and the off to the next pub called Södra Liden at Kungshöjd. Nice little bar that more than willingly served beers and other beverages (?) for everyone. No problems what so ever at any bar or pub to get in with running shoes or clothes. Very nice.

We also enjoyed a hash view over the port of Gothenburg above Järntorget. Time flew and we had to hurry off to the restaurant for the evening, an African restaurant called Simba. When seated, we all enjoyed good food and even more drinks. Our fellow hasher Göran got baptised to “Snow white” for being so nice all the time. I wonder… The strangest thing occurred this run – we didn’t have a circle! Shame on you mister GM, shame on you. I guess we’ll have to make up for this mistake at our next run In December. Watch this space. Thank you to all of the participating hashers, I counted a total of 17 including kids and even toddlers. Way to go!





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