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Issue 29 - Date 17 December 2006

Hares:Queen Latifa, Lost In Hangover and Shrimp Spew

Present were (hares+):

Total Wanker

Penis Boy

Shaven Bottom

Dancing King

Jerk Off


Horny Boy/Horny King Salomon

Cock Sweller

Ski Pooper

Hairy Nuts

Jack Ass

Trial Walker

Beer Birdy + one more baby

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Sunday in Gothenburg (Gööteboorg). Some people started opening their heavy eyelids after long night partying in Göteborgs many hilarious bars. Some people were already frying their eggs and whistling energetically and some where snogging in the shower. Or whatever.

But one thing was sure: Hares QueenLatifa, LostInHangover and ShrimpSpew were sweating their buts off while preparing the RUN No 29, 17th December at 2 pm in Vändgatan 5. The flour was skillfully sprinkled on the wet soil of Skatås for hungry Hashers to discover.

However, some of the Hashers were slightly confused and mismanaged: the GM was not present (he might have had an excuse) and indecisive HashTrash arrived half an hour late due to some appelling church concert at the same time. Outrageous! How could she even consider an option for a Hash, one may question!? Hurricane with a Virgin were also excused by someone (!) for cumming late (at least she brought a cake). Anyway, somebody else was late as well but those brain cells involved in remembering have faded since then.

Fiiinaally, after some embarrassing but rather funny incidents organised by ShavenBottom and CockSweller The Hash got going. Some bastards were actually really running while the rest took a hike to the walkers’ path. A couple of Hash Babies were also involved so their parents were exercising their muscles specially in the uphill parts. And the scenery was actually very nice. We passed lake areas and the air was fresh and the company as good as it can get while hashing.

The sun was slowly setting while we got to the circle. So romantic! We circled up in the garden on the green lawn (in December!) and had a really cute circle, even though Queen Latifa complained it being too short (she was cooking). However, the hares Lost In Hangover and ShrimpSpew were called in for down-downs. ShavenBottom got a down-down for trying to invade neighbour’s flat and for introducing herself with her Hash name to an “innocent” neighbour. CockSweller got a down-down for keeping other hashers waiting while spending far too looong time in a toilet. Nobody wanted to know what was happening there. JerkOff, SkiPooper and CockSweller got a down down God knows for what (rumours said that ShrimpSpew was complaining about something) and finally we agreed to practise Hash songs together some time since the singing and gestures were not exactly perfect. The language had also slipped into Swedish instead of English so most of the people got a down-down for that. ShavenBottom informed the Gothenburg Hash that the Copenhagen Hashers send their warm regards and want to come for a visit. That was agreed and then everybody was eager to get some food in a warm atmospehere.

We all gathered inside the house and enjoyed great Turkish mezes (heavenly feta cheese rolls and carrotyougurt), meatballs, rice and salad prepared for us. Afterwards the red couch in front of fire place attired people and some good laughs. Horny Boy was reminded that his name is Horny King Salomon. Our beloved GM arrived as well and a little bit later Hurricane landed almost directly from Malaysia with a Virgin and a low-fat Tiramisu cake. The brave Virgin was not harassed even though PenisBoy was threating to stop hashing but everybody realised that he was just trying to get some attention. And the Mismanagement committee was invited to his place for a dinner sometime after NewYear. ShavenBottom was also considering throwing a party at New Year’s Eve (now it is reality WELCOME). And the skitrip to Hemsedal was also discussed.

Hash T-shirts for the Christmas Run were light brown piké and quite classy with a green xmas tree and a collar (!). It seemed like everybody was having a jolly good time and time went by until it was like 7.30 pm and many hashers started to move their buts towards their homes or working places (!). So, one more nice hash was done and everybody is certainly looking forward to our next Hash adventure.

OnOn Shaven Bottom





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