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Issue 30 - Date 18 February 2007

Chinese New Year and Invasion of the Virgins Run

Melby Place in Partille

Hares Jerk Off, Hurricane and ShrimpSpew

HHHHello Wankers!

I don’t know what to say!!! The Hash was just wild! The following people were there and contributed to the fizzy atmosphere:

Penis Boy and the more beautiful party
Horny King Salomon
Total Wanker
Trial Walker

Hairy Nuts and family
Queen Latifa
Lost In Hangover
Beer Birdie
Lost and Found
Shaven Bottom

Cock Sweller
Virgin 1 - Carina/Kazoo Twin (note: no Hash name)

Virgin 2 - Gabriella
Virgin 3 - Anneli
Virgin 4 – Francisco

Virgin 5 & 6 (nice ladies from Turkey but the names flew with the wind) 

Virgin 7 – Japan (Kana?)

+Some other people whose names I didn’t pick up and lost in the total lack of control.

Snow White and Swinging Tits never showed up. Wonder what were they doing…

Anyway, on this exciting Sunday (clearly, I have to be able to see the Light in the darkness!), Hashers gathered at Melrose Place in the nice suburbs of Partille. The name of the venue was a pretaste of things to come: bursting sexual desires (at least in some members), lost control and wild Bacchus inspired primitive behaviour spiced with the sinful spilling of alcohol. In other words, a true Hash!

The run itself was characterised by delightfully many newcomers: we had at least seven virgins joining the party and they seemed to adapt at ease to the openminded Hash culture. Well done! I have to say, however, that this Chinese New Year Hash was wilder than usual and we would have a full comprehension if you were frightened and traumatized for the rest of your lives. But I don’t think that this will be the case. Actually, it might be that some “regular” Hashers were shocked by some virgin behaviour…

So, the runners were an eager but small group. The walkers were at least as enthusiastic and many in numbers. The runners trail was set in beautiful surroundings with waterfalls, lakes and forest paths. The hare had been nasty though for there were many False Trails and the flour blobs were hidden behind the trees. But Hashers just love all this physical stuff so what the heck! We are the champions! Hairy Nuts was showing extremely strong running capabilities, even after eating a cake before the run. He got the name “elg” (moose) and even “gasell” for his great efforts. You wanker! Otherwise no weird things seemed to be happening on the trail. A newcomer, Kazoo Twin (note! No Hash name) was also running bravely in the woods.

And even the heaven landed on the trail! BB BB BB! Was that Brigitte Bardot or...? YES, after a long time wandering in a mental and physical Hash Sahara, we arrived to a BEER STOP!!! And the beer was even cold so that fussy Shaven Bottom could also join the happy drinking party. Hashers were so excited about this development of things that they made miraculous deeds like holding the big rocky mountain in its place with bare hands and then singing and dancing together along with Abraham something. GM! How are people without kindergarden experience ought to know the words! Eh? Luckily the childish moves were smoothly and natural for an average Hash brain to handle so everything went well.

And finally after some running, walking and side activities we got to the Circle. And then the control was already completely on the way to be lost for some members of the society. I cannot take any shortcuts: our Brasilian Virgin from Saõ Paulo was really having a big time! This “slightly” drunk soul enjoyed being in the circle so much that he had to be pulled out several times. The circle generally was very loud one and both beer and wine were spilled into the throats as well on the bodies. Down downs were many: hares got down downs as well the virgins who told who made them to come. Queen Latifa and ShavenBottom had lured these innocent souls to hash and got their punishment to that.

Otherwise, I don’t really know what was going on because it was as wild as in a jungle and I was busy babysitting a certain virgin. I noticed that Shrimp Spew was wearing dirty and wet Hash Shit T-shirt for a reason unknown. And the Chinese Pigs got a down down: according to the Chinese horoscope this year 2007 will be fantastic for people born in this sign. ShavenBottom, Francisco and Kana (? Means a chick in Finnish) got a drink! Think about all these nationalities we had in the Hash: Turkey, Japan, Finland, Sweden, Etiopia, Brasil etc. Cool!

Well, after this satisfying circle experience (for those not so familiar with hashing; it felt like abroad) all went indoors to enjoy the Chinese/Malaysian/Swedish delicacies prepared by Hurricane. And there was wine and beer and a lot of noise and happenings. For ladies it was mostly a question of a tactic game to avoid one spectacularly drunk and affectionate virgin.

P.S. JerkOff: get a lock to your bathroom door!

Anyway, if it had been a Saturday, things would have certainly accelerated into a major party. Since it was Sunday, people took off to their homes. But we certainly want more and luckily there is plenty to come!

See Ya Sunday 4 March at 2 pm!

ON ON!!!





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