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Issue 31 - Date 4 March 2007


On a beautiful sunny Springday the Hash was set for a success. Once again a big pack had anounced they would show up. Eventually a lot of wankers found last minute excuses and we where only 8 starting off incl. the hares Swinging Tits and Hairy Nuts.
Maybe they didn't find their flower costume? Well, only Jerk Off, Swinging Tits and Hairy Nuts had dressed up anyhow, shame on the rest.

The walkers went on-on but the FRB's had to wait for another ten minutes to be able to make the wankers FWB's for once. Swinging Tits rushed the walkers up on Salfjället. On top of the first hill she waited for the runners to inform us she had to turn back as Horny Boy hadn't announced his participation. The problem was the food, he doesn't eat regular hot dogs. Pigs go safe from Horny Boy.
At the last check before Hash View, FRB Horny Boy tried to find the rigth trail. All was informed from the hares: " if you find three dots after the check your on-on". Easily Horny Boy found one dot and came back informing us. Of he went and came back again telling us that he now had found two dots. Oh what a brigth guy, he really can count! Third time he went On-On looking for the third down the hill. And down he went and if he hadn't been called back he would still be looking for the third dot far away. Meanwhile Jerk Off had found the rigth way. A short climb up the hill and the whole gang teamed up at a Hash View for the obligatory Hash Flash. A fantastic view the hares had found!
Once again the walkers led off but something happened! GM Penisboy and Jackass got totaly lost??!? and made the worst shortcut in history back to On-In after only having started getting warm.
Anyhow, the rest of the pack went on-on through the forest where the hares tried to avoid as much as possible to be on regular trails and found wet and baby-carrier carrying areas. Who said it would be easy to be a Harrier/Harriette?
Finally the forest gave in and we where back to civilized areas where the trail also split up to become a flat walk for the wankers Shrimp Spew and Trial Walker not giving in.
The FRB's had to climb a few more hills and was told  by the hare "only one more" and "this is the last" for so many times he lost count.
 Eventually the FRB's also came to the flat area only to arrive to Salfjället and it's muddy hills again.


With wet and dirty shoe's we all met again at On-In where the barbeque was waiting for us. With so few members, the circle was formed around the fire and quickly consumed. GM Penisboy got his forgotten t-shirt back but it was not in the same condition as when he lost it. Due to the heavy shortcutting he got the worst punishment in the Spring Flower Run namely the hash shit t-shirt! Shame on you GM! The hares got the down-down for the "flat and boring run". So got all the others for minor or worse failings.
Soon we meet again

ON ON!!!





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