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Issue 33 - Date 14 April 2007
Well, a true Harriette has to forget to write at least one Hash Trash in her life. Personal life turbulence (like being in love) is of course no excuse but I stick to the old good proverb “better late than never” so take that! Wankers!
So, the Easter Hash 14th April (Run number 33) was held in Mölndal and the speciality, besides Penis Boy being the hare, were the eggs that just waited to be picked up in the forest. Present were Penis Boy, Horny Boy King Salomon, ShavenBottom, JerkOff, CockSweller, Swinging Tits, HairyNuts, Dancing King and Hurricane. If I forgot someone, it is because you were not shouting loud enough!
So, we gathered somewhere in the Viking kind of sounding place in Mölndal, Bifrost Church, and started running in the hot sunshine. All I can remember was the Sahara feeling without a beerstop when I was hallucinating about water. There were also horses on the way and some ignorant Swedes getting annoyed due to our ON-ON yellings: “Do they have to scream so loud when they are running?” Get a life bastards!
The major part of the track was set in the forest in a beautiful scenery by small lakes etc. It was almost a pleasure to run around there and join the egg hunting. One of my best Hashing experiences ever is indeed related to the eggs: it was so cute to find a white shining egg glowing in the sunshine on the green foresty ground. I have a feeling that I might get a down-down soon for my too romantic feelings…Anyway, the point was that the one who would find most eggs would be rewarded somehow in the circle. That sounded scary to me!
After the quite long run we gathered in a circle on a little hill in the garden where all the houses were facing to us. The curtains were moving in many windows but nobody dared to come and say anything when we were messing about and drinking beer in public. ShavenBottom crushed an egg on Penis Boy’s head and received a shower of beer on her face after that. As did Cock Sweller too by an accident (?). And they were CockSweller and Hairy Nuts who found the most eggs. Especially CockSweller was making a big fuss about it but, unfortunately, his victorious feelings were wiped away by a down-down that was dedicated to the stupid ones that had put energy on finding the eggs. In the other hand, JerkOff didn’t find any and was feeling nearly devastated. We can’t always have it all, my dear.
Afterwards, we were having a fishy creamy meal (does this sound pervert to anyone?) which led to a partying in the town later on. And everybody was so pissed and losing control (oh yeah, GM went home sober!). At least ShavenBottom was throwing wine and glasses around that night but what the hell! This is hashing!




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