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Issue 34 - Date 23 April 2007
Then 23rd April a group of eager Hashers such as Penis Boy, Horny Boy King Salomon, ShavenBottom, JerkOff, CockSweller, Swinging Tits and JackAss headed to the neighbouring country in the north and the Oslo 119 Disaster Run!
The Göteborg central station in the morning was mushrooming hashers that were to be found in every corner of the station. Finally, each one of them made it into the bus under the kind paternal care of JerkOff who had been very organised with the tickets (is he in the right sports?). CockSweller was catching the bus in the last minute despite the fact that he was already earlier at the station. Anyway, the trip to north went well and some head and foot massage was given to some female members of the crew by warmhanded brothers. One lonely passenger that had ended up in the back of the bus with hashers, was reasonable enough to change the seat when it was getting too loud. Boring!
In Oslo we were doing some touristic stuff since the weather was wonderful. That means drinking beer in the sun in different spots of the city. Finally, after all sunbathing the time was ripe to start to find coordinates to the Hash. We were taking a local metro/train to a place called Oppdal and our GM got a chance practising his Norwegian skills by shouting “icke” in every possible situation in a crowd. It was really an exciting experience for the Gothenburg Hash to be in such a big city and observe all the strange “bigcitythings” happening. Namely, there was some kind of drug addict in the train banging like a crazy the rubbish pin next to our group of hashers. Luckily the two harriettes were “protected” by Penis Boy’s plastic bottle that he was eagerly demonstrating with. No plastic struggle was however needed since the drug lunatic stepped finally off the train. And the rest is just history: we found the hash!
The run was good sports up and down the hills - we can soon join the marathon after all this exercise! But as the local organisers said the 9th 11th Disaster Run really was a disaster, at least in some sense. The top runners including highly trained JerkOff, CockSweller and ShavenBottom were running completely wrong way and had to come back with the help of a Norwegian hare. That was something that had never happened in the Oslo Hash’s history or something. So, the run was long and there was a beer stop first in the end. For us travelling in the bus, the time was passing too quickly but we still had time for a circle. We were introducing ourselves and Penis Boy was giving a speech about the Nash Hash and many were interested in coming (who wouldn’t?). PenisBoy and Horny Boy King Salomon got down-downs for being from Ethiopia since somebody had missed a run in Ethiopia kind of 20 years ago but still wanted to punish someone for that. Me myself and I (ShavenBottom) got a down-down for showing my pink underwear (of course I have to take my shirt off during the beer stop!!!) and for something else I cannot remember right now. Maybe it was something I had done elsewhere since I had met the GM Fucking Beep-Beep and the RA The Vicar already before during my hashing career in Finland and Estonia . At least I was reminded that I wasn’t Shaven when they had met me in The Hole in The Ice in Finland . Now, it is getting too complicated, let’s move on. Swinging Tits and Jack Ass, CockSweller and JerkOff got down-downs as well at least for daring to visit the Oslo Hash.
After the entertaining circle we had a few minutes time to taste some food that the local misorganising committee stated to be burned. We were kindly given a bag of crisps to be eaten on the way back which Penis Boy forgot to take with him (thanks a lot!). The whole bunch of Hashers were friendly and appreciated our effort of taking a day off from the work and returning to work after 2 hours of sleep next day. We were driven by hashers to our bus where we actually behaved since we were sleeping. Thank You Oslo!




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