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Issue Run 39 - 16 June 2007

Hash Run 39 Fiskebäcks gästhamn/guest harbour

(how posh…we may start the next yachting the WestCoast Hash) 


16 juni 2007

Yeah, yeah, yeah…this HashTrasher is literally on the summer vacation mode but better late than never, you pisspots! Here I am sweating my shaven arse off to remind you of happenings a couple of weeks back and all I get is…appraisal! Thank you thank you, I know I am jolly goodJ
Hares: Patrick..
Fellow participating Hashers (as usual, if I forgot someone, sorry, I don’t care):
Jerk Off
Christer M
Patrik E
Nadja B
Susanne S
Johan S
Once upon a time, more precisely 16th June, in Fiskebäck there was a bunch of people who gathered together in the wet (yes, I am blonde) Gothenburg rain in order to run in the woods for about three hours, drink aquavit and beer, eat raw pickled herring (arrgh) and have a barbecue in the storm. Some of these people went also bloody swimming in the greyish black sea when the rain, wind and waves were at their best. They must be mad! But no, they are Hashers true and true! Give me a beer for Gus’ sake!
Anyway, the run started at the parking lot of Fiskebäcks guest harbour. The weather was fantastic, as has already been mentioned. Big grey clouds were hanging over our necks but it didn’t disturb the happy group of hashers. Some hashers had problems to arrive to the right place since according to the instructions we were supposed to get off one stop earlier. Never mind and what the heck At least some females got picked up from the street by lonesome male drivers.
There were some virgins and extra virgins as well as visitors so it was nice (pjuuk) to make new acquaintances already before the run. Some subterrestrial true Hash feelings were in the air when the blonde Harriettes were getting extra attention by a camera made in the USA . Finaaally, the group started moving and it went on and on and on. And on. On. On. Okay, I don’t complain, the run was loong but it was really neat. Great exercise in the green lustruous bushes and coastal scenery. We were also served icecold aquavit with herring in Patrick’s house (cheers mate!) and even there some people could not get it right! It is subhuman behaviour to pour a whole mug full of aquavit when we others try to be polite and drink it as schnaps. No, don’t think that I need to get laid since I am so naggy…
By then some hashers were wishing for it was over. But we still had some kilometres ahead of us. Well, top athletes as we are, it didn’t matter since the route was very beautiful indeed. If you don’t mind the brown smelly stuff that the bypassing horses kindly wanted to share with us. We were running and walking by the sea shore (in the rain) and passed boats on the way. In the end, some hashers didn’t know the way to the ON IN and a few telephone calls were required in order to find the secret society hiding behind the old wooden storehouses. Some brave men went swimming after the run and ShavenBottom was devastated since she missed all that abundant (hairy?) male beauty by arriving too late. She had to be happy with the young teenage boys with pimples who were encouraging her to swim alone in the freezing wind and water. And it rained cats and dogs on top of the screaming sea gulls. Lucky to be alive after that treatment!
But the best part of the whole business was still waiting: the circle in the rain. Some hashers had unbelievably managed to light the(ir) fire and were barbequing the(ir) sausages (what a hash!). And some were heating up their bottoms. Anyway, the circle was a bit out of order since it was hard to hear or see anything due to the wind and the rain. Some subcultures could also be traced since there were too many private discussions or flirts. Unfortunately, regarding the downdowns, the writer of this HashTrash is an egoistic and self centred bastard and cannot remember any other Down Downs than her own. I was caught up with Subhuman for he was so politely asking about my weight. And not only that but suggesting his own estimations like 100 kg! I am speechless. His excuse was that I look so strong that he would not like to make me mad. How clever can one be! Don’t get me wrong, we are very happy to receive visitors (V) and we are even more happy when they pass out due to alcohol effects. Does anybody still remember our Brasilian friend Francisco?! He has contacted me from SaoPaulo with a rose…Anyway, another down down was for ShB and this tall polite (shame on U) guy who picked me up from the street. Yes, some people could work with their reputation.
There had also been a quiz designed by Patrick but no one got all the answers right so he could keep his extravagant whisky which we could slurp later on though.
The barbecue moved then “indoors” to the old shade and it was great because there was some wine! That’s all that counts. I am writing this Trash so I can underline my own preferences…But the sausages were good too, especially the thin ones (the size matters you see).
And after there was a party in the Dancing King’s and Hairy Nut’s place! But this library where I am writing this -hit is closing so I have to finish here.
 Kiss from ShavenBottom






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