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Issue 4 - Date 23 October 2004

The hare was the GM Abenet and he set the run is Eklanda, that seems to be his favourite place; we don't know where he gets his ideas from and why....!!

The GM set the run in the morning and in the afternoon the rain washed away all the flour he set the trail with!
What a Pity!
Shit happens, but hashers allways find their way around; although we hit the trail with all the hasher, after walking some time we ended up on wrong trail: GM took us the wrong way and every one had to come back and find the right trail.
We all came back and again were on the right trail; after walking for 50 minutes we had a beer-stop so that we get cold beer and were able to talk to each other
We had the hash hold in a beautiful place that people use for grilling and picnicking, it was really wonderful.
After the beer stop we all kept on walking. It was cold and raining but it wasnít that much; despite the rain we are hashers, so we keep on walking till at last we get to the circle.
In the circle the GM called the newcomers and they introduced themselves and they got a down down.

New comers: Robert Koolman and Mikael Larsson from Sweden
welcome guys, come again.

Sinner: Siv for complaining all the way that it is too cold and rainy so she also get down down.



Dear Hasher now the GM is back from his trip around Sweden and now he is ready to give you hard time and to set you a wonderful run.
I think it will be nice for all who donít know to learn a couple of down down songs, so here it comes for all of you!!!

On! On!



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