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Issue 8 - Date 5 March 2005

Hare was Penis Boy and today only 5 brave hashers had gathered to have a nice run in and around Kållered. We met at about 14.00 near the train station to start today´s run. The weather was absolutely fabulous with sub zero temperature, lots of snow (more on that subject later) and a sun that just kept on shining! We therefore had no problems waiting for some hashers from Oslo who were supposed to arrive in Kållered to join us. Too bad they didn't.

We began the run uphill (pheeew) beautiful surroundings heading for the woods and there was lots of ice and snow everywhere. The only one today wearing proper running shoes was Jeanette (must have gotten cold feet), the rest of us wore hiking boots or more rugged footwear. So, admittedly, the males were poofs today and the only female in the group showed some balls.

As mentioned the day was stunning with all the snow and brilliant sunlight, so Mikael took some pictures you can watch in the gallery section. The trail was very easy at first following some nature reservate (?) going both up and down. We came out on old country roads and went by a little lake were people had prepared their own hockey rink. I think this area is called Tulebo. On On we went and because of the snow there was no flour laid out today for us, instead the hare had used pink (eh?) ribbons tied to sign posts, twigs and what not. Hard to spot sometimes!

Ah, that's right, the hare dropped off after about an hour or so - he had "things to attend to". Suddenly he was gone and we were now only four out there. Not much running this time due to the slippery surface we had to follow. Shrimp Spew (how about that name story?) did a few short runs to check the trail which was getting trickier at this point. So we walked and we walked, we missed those pink little ribbons and had to walk some more. There should be only one false trail on the run which we found of course... The hare had gone wild at one spot and laid out the trail were there were almost no footprints in the snow. Then we saw a ribbon up on a hill after a while and on up we went! The snow was deep here and the stony surfaces very slippery. Snow hashing at it's best! Down again and now we only had a few hundred meters to go. At a small park we found our hare with his friend Salomon who we joined for a nice hash picnic. Cold beers and reasonably hot pizzas.

After eating and soothing our dry throats the GM called us to join the circle. Salomon got a down-down for being a virgin to our hash and Shrimp Spew got one for whatever reason (honestly can't recall) and yours truly got one for once again going with the wind. We sang and cheered in the afternoon sun, which was setting fast. It got cold immediately so we decided to wrap things up and head back home. Everyone seemed content with today's event and do join us again in less than 2 weeks for hash no. 9 held in Partille on the 19th of March. Maybe those Oslo hashers will have made it and found their way here by then...

Your humble trasher, 

Gone with the wind



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