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Receding hareline and information on hashing

Receding hareline 2018


Contact Mismanagement if you want to be a hare or co-hare.


RUN No 145

When: 27/1

Where: Ramberget to Johanneberg

Hare: Hot Boobs, Ball Scraper BH3, Jerk Off

Info:A to B Walkers trail

RUN No 146 Pool Run

When: 3/2

Where: Puketorp

Hare: Happy Pancake

Info:A to A

RUN No 147

When: 10/2

Where: Majorna

Hare: Cunning Linguist, Swinging Tits

Info:Valentines Red Dress pub crawl

RUN No 148 Easter Run Hash

When: 24/3

Where: Johanneberg

Hare: Running Nuts

Info: A to A

RUN No 149

When: 20/4


Hare: Hot Boobs, Happy Bunny Feet

Info: Pub crawl

RUN No 150

When: 28/4, 14:00

Where: Start/stop at Håbergsgatan 13

Hare: Just Mats

Info: To get there, bus 18 or 19

RUN No 151

When: 19/5, 14:00

Where: Naturvägen 2, Surte

Hare: Floppy Comer, Just Maria

Info: A to A. If you arrive with the train at 14:00 in Surte, there will be car transportation. If you prefer to walk it takes 20-25 minutes from the train station.

RUN No 152 Midsummer

When: 16/6

Where: Trollhättan

Hare: Low Blood sucker


RUN No 153 Island hash

When: 24/8 - 26/8

Where: Archipelago of Gothenburg

Welcome All to our GH3's 2018 Island Hash Weekend/Event. Latest and Currently best knowledge of the event follows here:

The "big" Island hash event we were aiming for will unfortunately not happen this year, due to too few people signing up. There will still be an Island hash weekend/event, that will be bigger than our usual runs, but not of the scale originally planned for. External guests are of course still more than welcome, but should be aware that the scope of the weekend will be smaller. This will of course also mean that the cost will be lower as well. More info to our currently signed up external guests will be sent shortly. Hopefully within a week from now.

Current 2018 Island hash event schedule (as of May 27th, 2018):
Fri 24th Aug
Buy-Your-Own-Beer Pub-crawl.
Start time 19:00. Start location will be revealed later.

Sat 25th Aug
10:00 - Island hash event starts at Saltholmen. Runners and Walkers trails will be available.
16:00-17:00 The actual run including circle will finish at Saltholmen, and transport to Dinner/Party location starts.

Sun 26th Aug
Possible Lazy Hang over run. Still not decided if this will happen.

Even if this will be arranged like a local hash run, the fee will be slightly higher than for "normal" hash run since there are more things included.
Price/Fee: 200 SEK.
Price/Fee is the same for our local members and external guests.

Included in the price are:
- Sat Lunch (probably a sandwich)
- Beers for Sat run.
- Circle beer for Sat run.
- Saturday Dinner food & Party location.
- Possible Tivoli-Shots (walkers only).

NOT included in the price are:
- Beers/drinks for Sat party (as usual, Dinner/Party/After-circle beers will be 10 SEK per beer).
- Accommodation for external guests (more info to external guests will follow shortly)
- Any food not specifically mentioned as included.
- Any kind of transportation cost.

New Sign-up date!
Latest day for sign up: Sat 11th August
Latest day for payment: Sat 11th August

To sign up:
For GH3 members: Use FB page.
For External guests: Send mail adressed to Jerk Off (mail adress below)

If you have any food allergies or preferences, please mention that, and what it is, either in Sign up mail at sign up, or via mail to GH3 Hash Chef, Sitting Dull.
E-mail to Sitting Dull: left dot leg dot lost at gmail com

Regarding how to pay, contact our Hash Cash; Jerk Off.
E-mail to Jerk Off via GH3: gothenburghhh at yahoo se

RUN No 154

When: 29/9


Hare: Just Camilla


RUN No 155

When: 20/10


Hare: Jerk Off


RUN No 156 Halloween

When: 3/11




RUN No 157 Puke Run

When: 24/11




RUN No 158 Lucia

When: 15/12


Hare: S Spew


RUN No 159





RUN No 160





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