Gothenburg Hash House Harriers

Receding hareline and information on Hashing

Receding Hareline 2007

RUN No 30 Chinese New Year Run

When:  18/2 14.00

Where:  Mellbyv 25C Partille

Hare:  Hurricane, JerkOff and ShrimpSpew

Info: Chinese New Year, food by Hurricane

RUN No 31 Spring Flower Run

When:  4/3 14.00

Where: Lekskolegatan 12 Mölndal

Hare:  Swinging Tits and Hairy Nuts

Info: Dress as a flower!

RUN No 32

When:  24/3 14.00

Where: Slottskogen Linneplatsen

Hare:  Snow White and Jerkoff

Info: A to B run. Starting in Slottskogen 50 meters in from Linneplatsen entrance. Circle in Slottskogen. On in Oljekvarnsvägen 7. Walkers and runners trail.

RUN No 33 Easter Bunny Run

When:  14/4 14.00

Where: Bifrostkyrkan

Hare:  Penis Boy and Horny Boy

Info: Food and beer and wine, water(who the hell will drink water)and more....... We going to have late Easter activity and more fun and thing you don't wanna miss!

RUN No 34 GH3 visiting Oslo H3

When:  23/4 18.00

Where: Oslo


Info: The Oslo 119 Disaster Run

RUN No 35

When:  5/5 15.00

Where:  Vändgatan 5 Kålltorp

Hare: Queen Latifa and Hurricane

Info: A-A run,BBQ after down-downs

RUN No 36 Nash Hash Sweden Pub Run

When:  17/5 18.30

Where: Götaplatsen

Hare:  Penis Boy


RUN No 37 Nash Hash Sweden Island Run

When:  18/5 10.30

Where:  Saltholmen

Hare: Shrimp Spew and Jerk Off  

Info:  Start at Saltholmen

RUN No 38 Nash Hash Sweden Red Dress Run

When:  19/5 12.00

Where:  Linneplatsen 

Hare:  Shrimp Spew and Jerk Off


RUN No 39 Nash Hash Sweden Hangover Run

When:  19/5 12.00

Where: Scandic Hotel Mölndal



RUN No 40 Önnered-Fiskebäck harbour/suburb trail

When:  16/6 15.00

Where:  A-A run meet at Buss stop Fiskebäck hamn, take buss 97 from Frölunda Torg at 14.33 to make it in time

Possability to store backpacks and clothes in locker

Hare:  Patrik E

Info: 3 trails, Runners, Walkers and ShrimpSpew. BBQ after run and possability to swim in the sea. Bring swim clothes if you are shy.

RUN No 41

When: 28/7 16.00

Where: Kennedygatan 16 Majorna, spårvagn 9 och 11 till hållplats Sannaplan.

Hare: Shaven Bottom & Jerk Off

Info: A-A, gathering at Shavenbottoms place so you can leave bags and so on. Sign up on the Forum so we know how many we will be.

RUN No 42 Farewell Party

When: 11/8 kl 14.00

Where: Kållered station

Hare: Whitewater / Penis Boy

Info: Info, food , beer, wine, will be served, you don't have to even pay and do not forget the night is long.....

RUN No 43 New House Run

When: 18/8 14.00

Where: Eriksvägen 11 Sävedalen

Hare: Total Wanker and Shrimp Spew

Info: A-A, beer stop

RUN No 44 Corella Sapiens Run

When: 29/9 13:00 but you will get your ases down ther half an our before... you need to get yourselfes in DA mode...

Where: The origin of the start will be posted at 20:00 hours the day before the start and not before.

Hare: Duracell Dick

Info: The trail is set for runners and walkers, there could be some problems to bring your childreen with you in perambulators..... When finding the goal, there will be BBQ in some form. It costs 150 kr and will be paid at the start to the Gointmaster if you want a corella T-shirt. If not... 100 kr and you have to bring your GHHH t-shirt...

RUN No 45 Full Moon Run

When: 26/10 18.00

Where: Eriksberg

Hare: Susanne and Shrimp Spew

Info: The Semcon relax facilities are booked, big party all night.

RUN No 46

When: 24/11 14.00

Where: Stora Skogsvägen

Hare: Jerk Off

Info: A-A run.

RUN No 47 Lucia Run

When: 15/12 14.00

Where: Eriksvägen 11 Sävedalen

Hare: Jerk Off and Shrimp Spew

Info: A-A run



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