Gothenburg Hash House Harriers

Receding hareline and information on hashing

Receding hareline 2012

RUN No 80

When: 21/1 13.00

Where: Fjällgatan 6

Hare: Ice Dick

Info: Live trail. Beerstop at a beautiful high location, possible shower at my place and then out for beer and food on the Long Streets!

RUN No 81

When: 18/2 14.00

Where: Södra Viktoriagatan 35

Hare: Lez Bi Honest and Duracell Bunny 

Info: Lez Bi Honest and Duracell Bunny invite you to a hot trail for a cold day on Saturday February 18 at 14.00! Start at Södra Viktoriagatan 35, 411 30 Göteborg. 0723270202 if you get lost :)
Buzzer is A. Lavers and i am one floor up.
Bring a change of clothes so we can grab a drink together after :)

RUN No 82

When: 17/3 14.00

Where: Lindholmspiren

Hare: Just Hardy

Info: A-B ending in Högsbo with transport of bags. Booze and showers at On-In.

RUN No 83 Million Dollar Run

When: 21/4 15.00

Where: Näset

Hare: Low Balls

Info: A-A run and walk. Showers exists. *Virgins promised* BBQ after run.

RUN No 84

When: 26/5 14.00

Where: Kabelgatan 26 Majorna

Hare: Ski Pooper

Info: A-A. Runners and walkers trail.

RUN No 85 Midsummer run

When: 16/6 14.00

Where: Puketorp

Hare: Hairy Nuts and Dancing King


RUN No 86 Pub crawl

When: 5/7 18.00

Where: Flying Barrel

RUN No 87 Sävedalen Hills

When: 9/9 14.00

Where: Eriksvägen 11 Sävedalen

Hare: Jerk Off and S Spew

Info: A-A. Runners and walkers trail

RUN No 88 East City Tour

When: 27/10 14.00

Where: Planthagen 8, Fräntorp

Hare: Just Anders and Just Lisa

Info: Details to be posted later, probably a bit of running and some walking from here to there or back. Maybe a drink or two and some tucker.

RUN No 89 Puke Run

When: 17/11 14.00

Where: Puketorp

Hare: Hairy Nuts


RUN No 90 Christmas run

When: 1/12 14.00

Where: Liseberg

Hare: Swinging Tits and Fire Thighs


"A drinking club with a running problem!"

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