Gothenburg Hash House Harriers

Receding hareline and information on hashing

Receding hareline 2013

RUN No 91

When: 16/2 14.00

Where:  Högenvägen 185 in Kållered, short walk from Kållered train station

Hare: Swinging Tits and War n Piece

Info:   A-A run

RUN No 92 Hills of Sävedalen

When: 23/3 14.00

Where: Eriksvägen 11, Sävedalen

Hare:   ShrimSpew and JerkOff.

Info: A-A

RUN No 93 Pub Hash

When: 13/4 18.00

Where: Gustav Adolfs torg

Hare:   Swinging Tits and 4 n 20


RUN No 94 Kungsviken Run

When: 20/4 14.00

Where: At Fire Thighs house in Kungsviken, Orust

Hare: Fire Thighs


How to register : Please let ut know if you are cuming; send an email directly to Fire Thigs or contact hash sex.

Details : House and beds are provided by the hare, please bring sleeping bag and towel. Dance floor and music provided by Stenungsbaden Yacht Club.

Schedule :

* Show up in Kungsviken at 14.00

* Run at 15.00 will be set in the beautiful surroundings of Kungsviken, possible swim stop for the brave! NOTE: This is the hash, if you do silly stuff no one will be sober enough to assist, dead bodies will be left behind.

* Beer stop: YOU BET

* Circle and silliness in the garden at 17. On after dinner is served around 19.00.

* Serious on after will continue at 22.00 at Stenungsbaden Yacht Club where we will mingle among civilians. Whatever happens after that is your own business, we won't judge.

Logistics : Cars and drivers to and back from Stenungsbaden will be provided by the hare, plus one DD, to be nominated at a later point.

RUN No 95 The wodden hills in Paradise

When: 1/6 14.00

Where: Mellbyvägen 25C Partille

Hare: JerkOff and SSpew

Info: A-A, Go by train to Partille station

RUN No 96 Pub run

When: 14/6 18.00

Where: Bishop Arms Järntorget

Hare: Low Balls

Info: Low Balls visiting from Korea.

RUN No 97 Midsummer run

When: 16/6 14.00

Where: Öjersjö

Hare: Ljung family and Hairy Nuts


RUN No 98

When: 29/6 13.07

Where: Trollhättan

Hare: Daddys Boy, Sock Off and Just Lisa

Info: It will be a Historical, Hysterical Hash into the history of Trollhättan (or Trollhattan as we say over there). Run the old locks, swim the new ones, amaze at the hardship and the hard ship of the whole Lock-area. There will be HV, SS, BS (short for BullShit, editors note) and several other abreviations to wonder at, or about. There will be a runners trail, if anyone is more keen on running than you usually are (editor again!) and there might be a walkers trail for you lazy buggers that claim you are injure (bloody editor again!!).

As for sleeping you may bring trailer, boat or creditcard (for the wanderinghome Gula Villan, This you need to book yourself. ON-IN will be close to The Yellow Villa where we may shower for a small fee.

Tucker will be prepared on charcoal grill and the BM will make sure there is an appropriate number of beers for the runners and softdrinks for the walkers.

Please indicate on Facebook asap if you will attend or not or maybe, there are preparations to be made according to the number of participants.

DON`T MISS OUT, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Virgins guaranteed, they need to be taken care of!

RUN No 99

When: 13/7 14.00

Where: Kållered

Hare: Penis Boy


RUN No 100 Island run

When: 14/9

Where: Saltholmen

Hare: Penis Boy and Das Mini Weenie


Plan for a Big Celebration 14 of Sept as we will do our 100th Run!

Do you plan to attend to our 100th run 14 of Sept? A fun day ofta Hashing on the islands with nice food and a special t-shirt to celebrate this event.

The special celebration of Run #100 will be remembered for all times on a new long sleeved functional shirt. For additional 50 kronor you can have your Hash name printed. Inform me by mail or here of your way of spelling your Hash Name and the size of your shirt. S, M, L, XL and XXL. End sizes are limited. I need your info 1 of Sept. 9 o'clock at the latest.

RUN No 101

When: 16/11 14.00

Where: Johanneberg

Hare: RunningNuts

Info: A-A and walkers trail


"A drinking club with a running problem!"

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