Gothenburg Hash House Harriers

Receding hareline and information on hashing

Receding hareline 2017


Contact Mismanagement if you want to be a hare or co-hare.


RUN No 131 First Run of the Year

When: 28/1 14.00

Where: Delsjömotet

Hare: Cold Bitch

Info: A-B


RUN No 132 Back to Bohus

When: 25/2 14.00

Where: Kungälv busstation

Hare: Swinging Tits

Info:  A-B

RUN No 133 Da Surte

When: 4/3 14.00

Where: Naturvägen 2, Surte.

Hare: Just Maria and Floppy Commer

Info:  A-A-run. Train to Surte, address is Naturvägen 2. From train station there will be an arranged "shuttle service" at 14.00 to our apartment where the run starts 14.15-ish. Shower, food and beer! Let us know ahead if you are coming and if there are any allergies.

RUN No 134 Birtday run

When: 25/3 14.00

Where: Eriksv 11 Sävedalen

Hare: S Spew

Info: A-A Bus to Allevägen


RUN No 135 Goulash run

When: 22/4 14.00

Where: Hisingen

Hare: Just Mats

Info: A-A


RUN No 136 Easter Long Friday Run

When: 14/4 14.00

Where: Änggården

Hare: Running Nuts

Info: A-A

RUN No 137 Flat Run Hash

When: 6/5 14.00

Where: Ekåsen

Hare: Just Andreas and Swinging Tits

Info: A-A

RUN No 138 Göteborgsvarvet Pub Crawl

When: 20/5 18.00

Where: Flying Barrel

Hare: GM

Info: As  many pubs as we like.

RUN No 139 Midsummer Run

When: 10/6 14.00

Where: Puketorp

Hare: Happy Pancake

Info: A-A

RUN No 140 50 Year Run

When: 26/8 14.00

Where: Mellbyvägen 25 Partille

Hare: Jerk Off and Shrimp Spew

Info: A-A

RUN No 141 Fire Tighs going 50

When: 30/9 14.00

Where: Kungsviken Orust

Hare: Fire Tihgs

Info: A-A

RUN No 142 Shitty Trail

When: 4/11

Where: Puketorp

Hare: Hairy Nuts

Info: A-A

RUN No 143 Winter is Cumming

When: 18/11

Where: Mölndal

Hare: Cold Bitch

Info: A-A

RUN No 144 Lucia/Christmas Run

When: 16/12

Where: Sävedalen

Hare: S Spew

Info: A-A

"A drinking club with a running problem!"

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