Gothenburg Hash House Harriers

Receding hareline and information on hashing

Receding hareline 2018


Contact Mismanagement if you want to be a hare or co-hare.


RUN No 145

When: 27/1

Where: Ramberget to Johanneberg

Hare: Hot Boobs, Ball Scraper BH3, Jerk Off

Info:A to B Walkers trail

RUN No 146 Pool Run

When: 3/2

Where: Puketorp

Hare: Happy Pancake

Info:A to A

RUN No 147

When: 10/2

Where: Majorna

Hare: Cunning Linguist, Swinging Tits

Info:Valentines Red Dress pub crawl

RUN No 148 Easter Run Hash

When: 24/3

Where: Johanneberg

Hare: Running Nuts

Info: A to A

RUN No 149

When: 20/4


Hare: Hot Boobs, Happy Bunny Feet

Info: Pub crawl

RUN No 150

When: 28/4, 14:00

Where: Start/stop at Håbergsgatan 13

Hare: Just Mats

Info: To get there, bus 18 or 19

RUN No 151

When: 19/5, 14:00

Where: Surte

Hare: Floppy Comer, Just Maria

Info: A to A. If you arrive with the train at 14:00 in Surte, there will be car transportation. If you prefer to walk it takes 20-25 minutes from the train station.

RUN No 152 Midsummer

When: 16/6

Where: Trollhättan

Hares: Low Blood Sucker, Just Patrik, Sitting Dull


RUN No 153 Pre Island Hash Pub Crawl

When: 24/8, 18:00

Where: Starting outside John Scotts Palacehuset

Hare: Sitting Dull


RUN No 154 Island Hash Run

When: 25/8, 9:00

Where: Saltholmen

Hare: Shrimp Spew


RUN No 155

When: 29/9

Where: Doktor Forselius gata

Easiest way of transport: Bus 52 (towards Linnéplatsen). Get off at Bus stop "Doktor Forselius Gata". If you get on 52 at Linnéplatsen, it should actually go towards Skogome.

Hare: Just Camilla

Info: Theme for the event is Hawaii!

RUN No 156

When: 20/10, 14:00

Where: Partille

Hare: Jerk Off

Info: A to A, Runners and Walkers

RUN No 157 Halloween

When: 3/11




RUN No 158 Puke Run

When: 24/11, 14:00

Where: Sävedalen

Hare: Hairy Nuts, Dancing King and Dot Spotter

Info: A-A. Fishy soup planned for food.

RUN No 159 Lucia Hash Run

When: 15/12, 14:00


Hare: Shrimp Spew

Info: Stay tuned for more info

RUN No 160 New Year Hash

When: 31/12, 14:00

Where: Stora Pukevägen 13

Hare: Happy Pancake

Info: We will meet up for a normal hash run followed by a New Years party!

Theme for the run is: NewYearsDressRun.

Also, please notify us if you will join as soon as possible, and if you will bring a friend, to make it possible to plan food.

Since this is a special event, you are welcome to bring friends (if you have any....) :).

"A drinking club with a running problem!"

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