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Receding hareline and information on hashing

Receding hareline 2019


Contact Mismanagement if you want to be a hare or co-hare.


RUN No 161 Winter Hash

When: 26/1, 14:00

Where: Pontus Wiknersgatan 9, Gothenburg

Hare: Running Nuts

Info: Take bus 18 from Brunnsparken, Kungsportsplatsen, Valand etc. Hop off at Vidblicksgatan. Walk east on Vidblicksgatan. The house is at the junction of Pontus Wiknersgatan and Vidblicksgatan.

Hash is A to A, however bring your Västtrafik card, we might use it!

RUN No 162 The Kroegslet Run

When: 23/2

Where: Krokslättsgatan 3C, Mölndal

Hare: Knob Twister and Running Nuts

Info: A to A run

RUN No 163 Mars Hash

When: 23/3, 14:00

Where: Arsenalsgatan 10C, Kungshöjd

Hare: Slip it in and Happy Pancake

Info: A to A run

RUN No 164 Easter Hash

When: 19/4, 14:00

Where: Pontus Wiknersgatan 9

Hare: Running Nuts

Info: Hash is A to A. Take bus 18 from Brunnsparken, Kungsportsplatsen, Valand etc. Hop off at Vidblicksgatan. Walk east on Vidblicksgatan. The house is at the junction of Pontus Wiknersgatan and Vidblicksgatan.

RUN No 165 Interscandi Long Run

When: 18/5, 12:00

Where: Skantzö Camping, Hallstahammar


Info: See Interscandi web page

RUN No 166 Cunning Hash

When: 25/5, 14:00

Where: Klareborgsgatan 26 A

Hare: Cunning Linguist and Just Anders

Info: A to A. Take tram 3 or 9 to Kaptensgatan or tram 11 to Majvallen.

RUN No 167 Midsummer Hash

When: 15/6, 14:00

Where: Eriksvägen 11, Sävedalen

Hare: Shrimp Spew

Info: A-to-A. Take bus 513, departure from Polhemsplatsen at 13:19 or 13:39 and get off at Allévägen.

RUN No 168 Swim Hash/Rain Hash

When: 6/7, 14:00

Where: Start at Vättlestugan. On-in at Naturvägen 2 in Surte.

Hare: Double Nipple Trouble and Floppy Comer

Info: Hash is A-to-B. Take bus 75 departing from Angered centrum at 13:46. Get off at Kryddnejlikegatan. Follow Kryddnejlikegatan about 500 m to the parking lot across the road from Vättlestugan. There will be a hash car where you can leave bags and stuff for transportation to on-in.

There will be trails for runners and walkers. For those who want, it will also be possible to take shortcuts by swimming at some places.

RUN No 169 Crayfish Hash

When: 10/8, meet up at 13:00, run starts at 14:00

Where: Brattås 753, 473 95 Henån, Orust

Hare: Fire thighs

Info: Run includes a swim stop, bring bathing suit. After run and circle, there will be a crayfish party (self-cost price). Please sign up (on facebook or email gothenburghhh at yahoo dot se) no later than 5/8 so that the right amount of crayfish can be prepared. Sleeping accommodations are available if you bring sheets or a sleeping bag and a towel.

RUN No 170 Island Hash

When: 17/8, 14:00

Where: Björkö Harbor

Hares: Running Nuts and Jerk Off

Info: Travelling by bus: 12:52 from Centralstationen or 12:57 from Stenpiren. Red Express to Lilla Varholmen.

13:40 Ferry departs from Lilla Varholmen to Björkö.

Travelling by car: 13:40 Ferry departs from Lilla Varholmen to Björkö.

Note: It is very important you don't miss this ferry. We will not wait for anyone who is late!

As you get off the ferry, car transportation is waiting to bring you to Björkö Harbor, start of the hash. It is possible to drop off some luggage. The hash will offer beautiful nature, possibilities for swimming.

After run we will eat at the Pizzeria, offering pizza, salads, kebab, hamburgers, pasta etc. Everyone pays their own bill.

After dinner we can either go for drinks at Seaside, or just hang around the cliffs for sunset.

Ferries run every half hour, followed by bus back to the city. Please sign up (on facebook or email) no later than 15/8, so reservation can be made at the restaurant in advance.

RUN No 171 New Moon Run

When: 31/8, 14:10

Where: Start at bus stop Snarberget in Tuve

Hare: Big Buoy and Love Boat

Info: A-to-B run. Take bus 35 departing 13:55 from Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen, bus stop D

Runners trail approximately 9 km, walkers trail approximately 4.5 km.

Some historic information will be imposed upon participants before the start

A limited number of persons drop off things at A-site for transportation to B-site.

Participants completing the run/walk will be particularly rewarded.

Apart from red meat, nice vegetarian food is served.

Please sign up on facebook or email.

RUN No 172 GH3 15 Year Analversary Run

When: 14/9, 14:00

Where: Mellbyvägen 25C, Partille. 10 minutes walk from Partille train station. Take train towards Alingsås departing from Gothenburg no later than 13:40.

Hare: Jerk Off

Info: A-to-A Runners and Walkers trail in the Woods.

RUN No 173 Dress in Green Pub Crawl & Shenanigans

When: 28/9, Runners 14:00, Walkers 15:00

Where: Runners start at Pontus Wiknersgatan 9, Walkers at Järntorget

Hare: Hot Boobs, Happy Bunny Feet & Running Nuts

Dress code: Green, green & more green. We want to be seen and make people aware.

Info: This is a run for Mental health awareness. The color green represents many of the diagnoses you can get, that's why we will wear green. The more the better.

The crazy ones who want to run can join Running Nuts from her place to the first pub and later from the last pub back to her place where there will be a circle, food and beer. Walkers will meet Hot Boobs and Happy Bunny Feet at Järntorget ready for shenanigans.

Since this is a Pub Crawl, it means that you have to pay for your own drinks.

Let us know if you're starting with the runners or the walkers!

RUN No 174 Puke Run

When: 12/10, 14:00

Where: Stora skogsvägen 29

Hare: Hairy Nuts & Happy Pancake

Info: Take Svart Express to Björnåsvägen, then 10 minutes walk. Trail will be shiggy and moist, golden showers according to forecast. Tics, mushrooms, trees and elk hunters to be avoided. A-to-A run and walk mostly in the shiggy. Vegetarian meal with carnivor supplement on the side.

RUN No 175 Halloween Run

When: 2/11, 14:00

Where: Doktor Forselius gata 36

Hare: Wet Nurse

Info: A-to-A run. Dress code: Halloween. Special prize for the best costume.

RUN No 176 Bearing Run

When: 16/11, 14:00

Where: Somewhere in Gamlestan, exact location TBA.

Hare: Running Nuts

Info: A-to-A hash run, with possibility to leave bags and stuff somewhere. There will be Walkers and Runners trails. We will enjoy some beautiful forest paths. After the circle we all go to a restaurant for some food and drinks. Those of you who so wish can also enjoy a local pub crawl.

RUN No 177 Lucia Run

When: 7/12, 14:00

Where: Start at Krokslätts fabriker. On-in Luktärtsgatan 6A, Mölndal

Hare: Cold Bitch & Just Ilon

Info: A run not for the faint of heart. Kind of a puke hash but in December. Runners and walkers trail. Hash dogs are welcome, as are horrors and Lucia. Not stroller friendly though.

You can get to Krokslätts fabriker by tram 2 or 4, or by bus 86 or 761. We gather by the OKQ8 gas station.

Food TDB

For those who want to leave stuff at on-in before the run, we will leave for the bus 13:34 at the latest. Cum before the time and then join us to the start point.

RUN No 178 Xmas Hash

When: 21/12 2019, 14:00

Where: Pontus Wiknersgatan 9

Hare: Running Nuts

Info: A-to-A. Runners and walkers trail.

Dress code: Xmas.

Food: Julbord

Fee: 150 kr

Please reply by email or on Facebook if you are coming.

RUN No 179 New Year Hash

When: 31/12, 14:00

Where: Stora Pukevägen 13

Hare: Happy Pancake

Info: Welcome to the ultimate combination of Exercise and Glamour: The GH3 New Year run!

Starts out as a regular A-to-A run. After circle, then sauna, shower, and maybe, if you ask nicely, even a pool. Some loitering, rest and prep later, the dinner/party starts.

How to get there: "Svart Express" to Vallhamra, get off at Björnåsvägen and then 7 minutes to walk or...

Go to "Östra sjukhuset", from there take bus 514, get off at Puketorp and then about 2 minutes to walk.

Note: Since it is New Year after all, fee will be around 330-350 SEK.

"A drinking club with a running problem!"

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