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Run 76 - 9 October 2011

Hash Run 76 ”Hamam Hash” in Johanneberg/Krokslätt 9th October 2011 at 2 pm

Hare: Jerk Off

Participants: Jerk Off, LC ShavenBottom, Ice Dick, XX, Swinging Tits, Sandra, Mohamed, Nemo, Lezbihonest, Hairy Nuts, Embla.

New/visitor: Lezbihonest from Hawaii

Rehab: LC ShavenBottom drinking water

Boldest appearance: Lezbihonest - shorts in almost minus degrees

Most dramatic: Swinging Tits in a black leather jacket with a chili stuck in her throat

Sexiest stuff: 2 guys and 4 women in sauna

Most violent: Jerk Off (just kidding)

Best work out: Hairy Nuts

Consultants: Mohamed (cooking and washing up) and Sandra (washing up) – some naming ceremonies needed…

Kiddies corner: Embla and Nemo sweetie pies

Sunday at 2 pm the annual Hamam Hash was about to start. For those who don’t know Hamam is Arabic and stands for humid and sweaty sauna.  There was a sauna upstairs with a sun terrasse which was of course very useful this time of year but suited well for those who wanted to do some skinny dipping in autumn wind and rain.

As usual, about half an hour later the buts started moving both to runners’ and walkers’ (wankers) trails. The run was set in the neighbourhood of Johanneberg and as the name indicates we were taken to the heights. Hash view from the “Rocky Mountains” of Johanneberg was spectacular over the city and the harbour. There just was no beer to toast for this natural beauty!

The trail was quite tricky sometimes and we ended up running in circles occasionally. Good for the condition…Up and down…and again…Poor walkers lost the trail even more than runners  and Hairy Nuts was doing some advanced exercises by carrying the pram on the rocks.

Some Hashers were staying at the apartment and cooking and playing with Nemo. Oh, only the sky is the limit for the family love in Hash.

When runners and walkers got back the weather was pretty horrible and windy (but not raining) and still Lezbihonest was enjoying it wearing shorts. And she and Sandra have chosen this instead of living in Hawaii. Talk about Hash spirit!

The circle was a mess. Our GM Shrimp Spew had fled to Italy to enjoy some grappa and spaghetti con langostinos. Grazie mille, we got a borr machine but not anyone to drill, damn it! And our wild Penis Boy who was making a lot of noise about his appearance in Hamam Hash didn’t show up at all! He thought that Hash was on Saturday and not on Sunday! Get a calendar mate! Or a skilled secretary…Now we have to put up with the picture of a nude female that he insisted to have on Hash.

The singing sucked  and our visitor Lezbihonest commented on that that we might need some support from somewhere. LC Shaven Bottom was drinking water because she was doing some auyrvedic cleanse. What the heck?! Water in hash, say no more… Who got punished for what or if anyone got punished for anything at all in the Circle, I wouldn’t know. Most of the people had down-down for something but I lost it.

Anyway, after nice Swing Low at least, there was some food. It was a Moroccan dish: lamb meat stewed with vegetables, saffron and chili! Poor Swinging Tits was nearly suffocated and could only eat bread since her throat was burning with real fine Habanero!

After food there was some saunamaking upstairs. The brave ones Jerk Off, Swinging Tits, Lezbihonest, IceDick,xxx and ShavenB were enjoying the heat and high spirited discussions in the steam and candlelight.

Afterwards the cake and coffee were served accompanied by oriental music. People went home early due to Monday’s work.

Nobody got pissed and no immature behavior was seen. What is wrong with you guys and gals? This people are wasted.



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