Education (click the education title for more info):

2007 - 2009
Master's Program in Advanced Computer Graphics
LiTH/Linköping University, Campus Norrköping - Sweden

2006 - 2007
Individual courses (1 semester) - Linear Algebra, Calculus and Computer Security
Linköping University - Sweden

2004 - 2006
Bachelor of Science in Medialogy
Aalborg University, Campus Esbjerg - Denmark

2002 - 2004
CEU Kolding (now IBA)- Denmark

1992 - 1996
Natural Science
Flensborgarskólinn í Hafnarfirði (college)- Reykjavík, Iceland
Work experience:
2013 (January) -
SICK IVP AB - GUI design/implementation, UX/interaction design and 2D/3D visualization. (Sweden)
SICK IVP AB is a global manufacturer of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. I work with creating applications for 3D snapshot cameras, that use TOF and Stereo technology.
My focus is on requirements, UX/interaction design, GUI design/implementation and 2D/3D visualization.

2011 - 2013
Ateles Consulting - Front End Developer / GUI Designer. (Sweden)
Ateles Consulting specialises in e-commerce solutions. I did front-end development (graphics/html/CSS/javascript), web programming(php/java), (interaction) design, UX and prototyping.

2011/01 - 2011/08
C3 Technologies (now owned by Apple) - Front End Developer. (Sweden)
C3 Technologies created detailed 3D data of cities across the world, both for online rendering (e.g. online maps) and for higher resolution local viewing. I was part of the marketing and product department, where I produce demos of the created data (e.g. javascript/flash based viewers), offline rendered flight simulations, media production as well as being an integration consultant for new customers.
This solution can now be seen in Apple's IOS 6 maps app.

2009 - 2011
Swedish Migration Board - Graphic Design & web/system development. (Sweden)
I worked on an EU startup project called European Asylum Curriculum (EAC), which provides common vocational training for employees of the Immigration and Asylum Services in Europe. 
My role was to implement the E-learning platform, facilitate content, produce marketing material and training of employees of the Immigration and Asylum Services in the EU member states.
- Keywords included: e-learning, graphic design, media production, usability, interaction design, front-end development and system development.

2006 - 2009. Freelance Work - Graphic Design & web development. (DK/SE)
Graphic design for online and offline content, technical illustrations, layout work (brochures etc..), web programming and some consultation work.

2001 - 2002.
Skifan ehf. - Sales and warranty manager. (Iceland)
Sales manager for computer games and DVD films. Manager for all warranty issues for the Playstation 2 in Iceland (Skífan ehf is the distributor).

1999 - 2001.
Juventus ehf. - Graphic design and web development. (Iceland)
Graphic design for marketing & promotional materials, websites and advertising both online and offline for Juventus ehf.  Web programming, content development and site revisions for customers of Juventus ehf (using a cms system).

1991 - 1997.
Músik & Myndir. - Sales assistant. (Iceland)
Sales assistant for a store that sells music cd´s and rents out films. Extra work alongside studies.
The following are some chosen skills and keywords:
Adobe Creative Cloud, html/CSS, Axure Prototyping, UX/Interaction design, Eclipse, e-commerce and PIM/CMS/LMS platforms..
JavaFX, Javascript, Java, SVN, Lean/agile/scrum, Zend (Studio), Visual Studio, PHP, JQuery Mobile, Autodesk Maya/3dsMax, VT[3], Streaming media, OpenSceneGraph, WxWidgets..
Familiar with:
OpenGL, WebGL, Matlab, ASP, C++, C#, Apache/SQL, C, Velocity..
Experience with developing for desktop and mobile platforms.
Good experience with Windows/Linux OS, Microsoft/Open-Office and with MacOS, along with various other software programs.
UX Certification from NielsenNormanGroup, Courses in basic & advanced drawing techniques.
Languages [Fluent]:  English, Icelandic (Mother Tongue), Danish and Swedish.
About me:

I enjoy:
Interaction design and UX, digital arts and design in 2D & 3D, computer graphics, 3D visualization, HiFi, new technology and gadgets, motion graphics, computer games, movies, music, and quality time with my family...
I also enjoy sports a lot, I am a football fan and I trained and competed in karate for 10 years where I also was an instructor.

More detailed information available upon request.

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