Pedro Sanches

I am a researcher in Media Technology at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Previously, I worked at the Zanzibar Malaria Elimination Programme at Tanzania in malaria surveillance in collaboration with the Karolinska Institute.

My research covers the design of data driven technologies from a critical and interdisciplinary perspective combining interaction design, software engineering and science and technology studies.


Mirroring body in everyday life
Mirroring body in everyday life
Soma bits: Biodata as a design material
Soma bits: Biodata as a design material
Co-performing with smart materials
Co-performing with smart materials
Considerate use of network data for modelling population mobility
Privacy-sensitive population mobility mining
Tracking malaria with technology
Tracking malaria
Under surveillance: designing for dissidents
Under surveillance: designing for dissidents

Research Summary

Data is not a given, it is designed. Designing data from a human-centered perspective involves considering what is the data useful for, how it could be re-interpreted in the future, who benefits from it, and which groups stand more to lose.

Ultimately, I take a practice based approach to data production, and consider now only how technological tools produce data, but also consider how these tools are inserted in sociotechnical contexts. Data is not only made by technology, it is made by all the practices around it.


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