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August 28, 2023


A Touch Of the Burning Red Sunset Demo from 1994 is re-released on tape once again by The Desolation Serpent Records

August 16, 2022


Both Esoteric Tales Of The Unserene and Stellar Stream Obscured will be released on tape in May


April 27, 2022


The second single from our new album "Stellar Stream Obscured".

December 28, 2021



The first single from our new album "Stellar Stream Obscured".


November 28, 2021

The new album "Stellar Stream Obscured" is out January 28 on Hammerheart Records. The album was recorded in the spring of this year at HSH Studios in Uppsala and was produced entierly by SARCASM.

Artwork by Raul Gonzales.

Vinyl tracklist:

Chapter I: Terra Ingloria
1. Through The Crystal Portal 3:12
2. We Only Saw The Shadows Of Life 4:25
3. Ancient Visitors 8:18
4. The Spinning Tomb 3:39

Chapter II: Terra Vis
1. Obsidian Eyes 4:55
2. The Powers Of Suffering That Be 5:39
3. Apocalyptic Serenity 5:40
4. Let Us Descend 5:08

October 17, 2021


Reissue of Burial Dimensions out soon in Brazil!s


August 3, 2021


Band photos, April 2021

April 28, 2021

Two of our old shirt designs are available now on Season of Mist's store. These are "Print on demand" and can be ordered in all kind of sizes and formats. More designs coming shortly.


November 26, 2020


Official patches are AVAILABLE NOW!

Get your copy today at:


November 25, 2020


Hammerheart will release the vinyl reissue the end this year

September 23, 2020

SARCASM - "Death Chants Of The Ancient Realms" Out September 18th on Chaos Records!
30 years ago this month SARCASM was formed, so we thought it's time to celebrate with a new limited edition 2-CD compilation with all our past demo recordings and some bonus stuff. 16 pages booklet with lots of photos and stuff and also liner notes for each demo. Order your copy through us or Chaos Records Webstore

DISC 1: Official Demos

A Touch Of The Burning Red Sunset - Demo 1994
1. Dark
2. Upon The Mountains Of Glory
3. Through Tears Of Gold
4. A Touch Of The Burning Red Sunset

Dark - Demo 1993
5. Never After
6. You Bleed (I Enjoy)

In Hate… - Demo 1992
7. Nail Her Up
8. Pile Of Bodies
9. In Hate…

DISC 2: Unofficial Demos

Demo 1993
1. Through Tears Of Gold
2. Scattered Ashes
3. Never For Your God
4. For Those Who Lied

Soul Enchantment - Demo 1992
5. Soul Enchantment
6. Natural Meat
7. Devoured
8. Bloodflood
9. Within Your Rotting Head
10. Be Dead

Fleshwaste - Demo 1992
11. Insanity Reborn (Intro)
12. Dark Wings Of Eternity
13. Fleshwaste
14. Crystallized

Rehearsals (bonus tracks)
15. Off With The Head (1993)
16. Gone/Freak (1993)
17. Let It Be Done (1993)
18. Tears Remain (1992)
19. Re-mangled (1990)

A Touch Of The Burning Red Sunset recorded at ADM Feb 1-5 1994
Dark recorded at Musikfabriken Studios 9-10 Apr 1993
In Hate… recorded at Musikfabriken Studios Oct 31-Nov 5 1992
Demo 1993 recorded at Ungdomens Hus Studios June 1993
Soul Enchantment recorded Under The Church Dec 1992
Fleshwaste recorded at Studio Hell Hole May 1992


September 14, 2020


Finally, the tape version of our first album will be released 31 May 2020.

Limited to 250 copies! Pre-order here:


April 10, 2020


After months of waiting we've now had enough of Chaos Records and their never-ending problems. So we have talked to Hammerheart Records and they will re-release our latest album "Esoteric Tales of the Unserene" The situation with Chaos Records has been nothing but chaos actually. The CD was delayed two months, and after five months the vinyl still hasn't reached us, although it was pressed more than two months ago it hasn't left the press plant since then because the label hasn't sorted their financial shit out. Who knows when those boxes will be shipped out, can be one week or one year or perhaps longer? (They've been saying "next week" for five months now) We understand their difficult situation but it has affected the album sales and we can't wait anymore. People who have pre-ordered it feel ripped-off by the label and also us. Hammerheart will re-release both the LP/CD in july at earliest. It all depends how the corona situation will affect this business in the months to come.



March 18, 2020



Some pics of the CD re-issue of our first album "Burial Dimensions" which is out now on A Fine Day To Die Records

February 24, 2020


SARCASM have now signed a worldwide deal with Hammerheart Records.
"We're really excited about this, just in time, all the music for the next album have also been written. We don't know exactly when we will record it but probably this fall. We don't want to rush things, since we just released a new album and the next one will be our best yet and a very important album also so everything must turn out just as we want it!

Read more here


January 15, 2020


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