A Touch Of The Burning Red Sunset
Music:Fredrik Wallenberg/Dec 93
Lyrics:Heval Bozarslan/Dec 93

Come forth to my indemnity, no anger prevails
Evil thoughts of anxiety, no human disgrace
Mistrust of the hated ones, for their true believes
God of feeble lies or truth, for everyones disease
Creature of senseless animus, beyond my imagination
Brains split in light of hope, caused me devastation

Persistence of wastelands sun, eastern seed can´t be found
Isolated, transmutated eyes about to shrink
Visions of a blindman forms a mean conclusion
A brave innocent peace of soul to spread it´s black
Breathe the fire I have spoken through the needle eye you´ve brought
Rest your head by manipulation, to feed you until desperation

Face held high, forgotten pride
Respected ditch, what is my pride?

Be yourself, save yourself, look around, kill yourself
Parts of your sick body thrown away to the worthless scum of the earth
Christ meditation, child degradation, deformed creation, mans irritation
Locked inside to kill to thrill, who cares? Everybody dies!

Condemned to live, remorse of what?
Absurdity, life´s insanity

Progressive emotional progress, your inner mind is closed
To your rotten opinion I say a word or two
Bastard son of a dickless fuck, chewing your own shit
You killed me, crushed me as I carve myself from the wall
Came to fill your pride into your rat-infected mouth
I touch the burning red sunset, fucks, you can call me a masochist!

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