Bloodsoaked Sunrise

Flame on!

Reaching for the tangible, pre-manifested state
As I am scattered, in a sea of endless red

Shifting of perspective, becoming the higher self
Modify reality, focusing energy mechanism

I am moulding the flame, the allower, realizer
Core of the sun, vibrational interpretation

The focuser and aligned, instant deliberate creation
For I am that same energy that creates worlds

Always down-streams, emerging with the impulse
Riding on the fiery wings of everlasting becoming

Bloodsoaked sunrise
Bloodsoaked son will rise…

Forged into formation, alter inner dimension
Triumphant as I blaze on the path of perfection

In the realm of conjuncture, high vehement leverage
Transition within the vortex, not responding to conditions

Through consistent vibrational formula, energy light is harnessed
Perpetual transformation process, revamped and sensitized

Viewing eternity through eyes of source
As I become one with the soul of the sun

Bloodsoaked sunrise
Bloodsoaked son will rise…

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