Embodiment of Source

Let your mind step back and view the whole act on stage
You’ll comprehend the patterns of the path you’ve set forth
You can choose to tell the story as you want it to be
Or do you wish to be an avid observer of someone else’s reality?

Feel the power that you hold now in your focus
Know that we are all creations of our own creations

Momentum will always expand, wanted or unwanted

More is the eternal mantra of this infinite universe

Re-manifesting reality – In perfect unfolding

You’ll let the story escalate to an ongoing saga

Every thought that has been thought perpetually exists
And practicing a thought is the reason that you believe
Universe can’t hear your words, you ask with your desire
Resonance and clarity through perception of the omnipresent

Every step away from source is a flawed premise
But in order for source to expand, steps away must be
Where nothing stands still, all precursors to manifestations
Are you really eager for a mellifluous ethereal denouement?

As you realize that you experience what your undivided focus is on
You’ll know that universe is showing you everything you believe is true even though…

…there are no sacred words and holy trinities
No purifications, or karmic wheels

There is no dark switch or entities from below
No hierarchies, no levels to prove worthiness

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