Never After
Music:Fredrik Wallenberg/Jan 93
Lyrics:Heval Bozarslan/Jan 93

Nothingness of endless cries
From the seeds of emptiness
Appears the shapes of worms in the body
Desolating screams of agony

Beyond the bitterness of thy eyes
The unknown wasteland of disease
Never...Never after
Before the never after

Defy the god of unborn
Devoured into the burial dimension
Abstract end of existence
No return "Thou shalt burn"

The desert sun takes my eyes
Bloodspilled tears filled with laughter
Never... Never after
Nevermore, never after

The journey
Of hopeful end
My dying limbs
Cannot return...

Senseless insanity is certain reality
Cold empty eyes of pain
Wounded gods are reborn
"Greetings after your death!"

Beyond the thoughts of man
The unknown mankind is perished
Never...Never after
Happily never after


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