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Four songs have been written for the new album so far. The music is in the same vain as the first album, lots of riffs, lots off sick melodies, insanely brutal and fast as hell. The Burial Dimensions vinyl will be released soon also! Cheers y'all!

November 18, 2015

SARCASM interview in the new issue of Sweden Rock Magazine, and yes, the band has reformed! Expect a new album sometime next year! Cheers and have a nice weekend!

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November 13, 2015

These shirts just arrived! Just send an e-mail to sarcasmsweden@gmail.com if you want to buy one.

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November 07, 2015


Voices From The Darkside review. Some questions maybe have to be answered, Those 5 rehearsal tracks were only on the "die hard" edition of "Never After - The Complete Recordings” as a bonus 7", (100 hand-numbered copies) and 400 without the 7". And the track order are correct on the 2CD, The "In Hate" demo is supposed to be after "Soul Enchantment". On the triple vinyl we had to have "Soul Enchantment" on side 2 of the vinyl so everything could fit on each side, since it's a longer demo than "In Hate" and female vocals and keyboards were not new on the album, those elements were also there in previous versions. Klick here to see the review

November 25, 2015


A spanish review of Burial Dimensions can be read here

September 22, 2015


A french review of Burial Dimensions 2CD Compilation

September 22, 2015


New shirts will he here soon, with Burial Dimensions design.


September 08, 2015



SARCASM - Burial Dimensions 2CD can also be ordered directly from the band. 100SEK, €11, $12 + shipping. Orders outside of Sweden paypal only. Mail your orders to: sarcasmsweden@gmail.com

August 06, 2015


An interview with Fred can be read here.

July 25, 2015


This can now be ordered together with the 2CD. Klick here.

July 07, 2015


A band photo from 1993

July 03, 2015



Burial Dimensions 2-CD compilation will be released shortly and to make this more exciting this full-length will soon after be released on vinyl by Dark Descent Records. The whole discography was released as a 3-vinyl box-set few years ago so there's no need for another for now.


Februari 27, 2015