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A Touch Of The Burning Red Sunset

LP (Red): €15
LP (Black): €15
MC: € 8

Stellar Stream Obscured

CD: €12
LP (Black vinyl): €16
LP (Splatter Gold/Green/Black vinyl): €17
LP (Gold vinyl): €17


Esoteric Tales Of The Unserene

CD: €11
LP (Black vinyl): € 16

Death Chants Of The Ancient Realms

2-CD: €12

Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds

LP: €15 (black vinyl only)
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CD: €11
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T-shirt (Gildan Soft) M/L/XL/XXL: €15
Tape: € 8

Desolating Screams of Agony - Cassette box-set

6-tape boxset with all demos from 1992-1994
Limited to only 200 copies
With patch, booklet and handnumbered and signed certificate

Burial Dimensions
€13 (Black vinyl)
€11 (2-CD)

€9 (CD)
€8 (Tape)

Embroided Beanie
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T-shirt - Gildan Softstyle L, XL €15

Burial Dimensions T-shirt
- Gildan softstyle - M, L, XL, XXL