Hi, and welcome to this site! My name is Bo Haglund and I live in Stockholm.

As a former visitor to this site you can see that its layout is now different and, I think, much better. Much thanks to Linus Hein for help on this!

My web site contains download information for my bridge double dummy solver DDS (now jointly with Soren Hein) and for my Sudoku programs.

DDS is included in a development repository, bridge-dds, for DDS on GitHub for interested contributors. Many thanks to Brian Dickens for his great effort to help putting DDS/DDD on GitHub! My website remains as the official place for publishing DDS distributions.

2015-01-20:  DDS 2.8.1 is released:
DDS 2.8.1 is a bug fix release. Fixed bug that occurred when only one trick remains. Fixed bug in scheduler that caused some hands to be considered identical when they aren't. Fixed bug in initialization that affected some cases when initial moves are given. For details on the bug fixes, see the release notes.

2014-12-02:  DDS 2.8.0 is released:
DDS 2.8.0 is 15 % faster than 2.7.0. The move generation code is rewritten and much faster. The CalcAllTable function can now solve larger groups of DD tables which improves the utilization of threads and thus improves the performance.