Hi, and welcome to this site! My name is Bo Haglund and I live in Stockholm.

As a former visitor to this site you can see that its layout is now different and, I think, much better. Much thanks to Linus Hein for help on this!

My web site contains download information for my bridge double dummy solver DDS (now jointly with Soren Hein) and for my Sudoku programs.

DDS is included in a development repository, bridge-dds, for DDS on GitHub for interested contributors. Many thanks to Brian Dickens for his great effort to help putting DDS/DDD on GitHub! Thanks to Pierre Cossard who contributed the code for multi-threading on the Mac using GDS. My website remains as the official place for publishing DDS distributions.

2016-03-21:  DDS 2.8.4 is released:
DDS 2.8.4 includes a lower-memory DLL version that require much less memory. E.g. for a single thread on a PC, memory usage is about 24 MB rather than 110 MB. For 12 threads, the numbers are about 89 MB rather than 1.1 GB. The lower-memory DLL is however about 11 - 14% slower.

The SolveAllChunks functions are now aliases to SolveAllBoards. For details, see the release notes.

2016-01-05:  DDS 2.8.3 is released:
DDS 2.8.3 has some functional additions including GCD multi-threading on the Mac and some bug fixes.

2015-06-30:  DDS 2.8.2 is released:
This is mainly a bug fix of the par contract calculation in v2.8.1 in certain rare cases. The par score calculation appears to have been correct. (The same fix was applied retroactively to v2.5.2 to create v2.5.3.)