The Teensy RPR TNC follows the former SCS Tracker after that had its end of production in 2020 due to spare parts no longer available on the market.

The Teensy RPR TNC is not a commercial product but a hamradio project not aiming for any profit. However, the software is still developed by SCS personnel.

The board contains a GPS receiver but needs an external ANTenna as the main chip is not shielded.

A mini DIN connector goes to the radio and a micro USB via the top mounted Teensy will supply with power.

KISS mode as well as CONnected mode are possible.

The cable configuration is the same like with the former SCS Tracker.

The latest firmware FW 0.67 can be found here:

The hardware design is done by Robert, DM4RW and the software is as well in the hands of the RPR inventor Hans-Peter, DL6MAA.

Display connection is possible.

It is possible to connect a display i.e. the 2.2" or 2.8" SPI TFT Display Module ILI9341 (240x320) to the Teensy board.

Please find next the connection schematic and the display in action which includes even a waterfall.

The Tracker can be connected as well with an Android based system.

Greatest problem to steer the commands with an Android system is the missing of an ESC button.

The solution is the definition of the HEX value 1B as a MARCO as INSERT function before adding the wished command.

A Manual is under development.

Click the golden button below to download the latest PDF version.

Teensy RPR TNC Manual