Up in Smoke!
Posted on Monday, September 22nd, 2014

On October 4th we head off to Switzerland to rock the Up in Smoke Festival. Hopefully more shows will be booked soon.


More shows!
Posted on Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Two more shows have been booked for next year. A gig in London, UK with Lowrider on the February 8th and Hellfest, France 20-22nd of June.


We´re back!!!
Posted on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Hey! Long time, no see. But now we´re back. We´ve booked three shows for now and it´s gonna be so much fun to play again. Hope to see you guys and girls at the shows. Cheers!


Hey you all!!! It's been a while. Alot has happened. We're celebrating 15 years as a band this year and why not do it with a brand new, but old release. A double CD re-issue of our first two full-length albums that were originally released on Man's Ruin Records. Four previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded during the same time-period as these two classic Dozer albums! And for those real Dozer hardcore fans this release will hopefully pretty soon be out there on vinyl aswell. Keep your eyes open.

Along with the album release on Meteorcity Records two brand new really goodlooking t-shirts are made for you.

You can by the album and the t-shirts right here or visit the Meteorcity store on

Have a good one! /Dozer

Old albums & new shirt!
Posted on Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Hey Ho! You can now buy our old albums on different digital services like Itunes, Amazon etc. If you're out of money or any other reason don't want to buy, it's OK to just listen to the albums on Spotify.
We also printed a new shirt, jersey model, with the old classic Dozer "stars" logo. Visit the store see more.

Take care / Dozerettes

Sad but true
Posted on Monday, September 7th, 2009

Howdy Folks, Well I don’t know where to start really. But the story’s like this… I just started school, for the third time. I know we had an upcoming tour in England (and shows in Holland, Belgium and Greece). But the tour and school collided in a such bad way, that I won’t be able to do the tour. Seeing this might be my last chance at an education, I just can’t give it up. So what that means in short…We’ve decided to take a break for an indefinite period of time. On the 13th of November we have a gig in our hometown. If it will be the last gig? Only time will tell. But we’re pretty confident that it won’t be…

Take care / Fredrik in Dozer

UK Tour
Posted on Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

It's been awhile since we last visited the wait is over! 5 ass kicking dates with DOZER and the mighty Truckfighters! Be sure not to miss this!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interview with Fredrik!
Posted on Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Forte' on WRUM-FM 91.1 Cleveland are airing a cool interview with FREDRIK NORDIN and playing plenty of killer DOZER tunes Friday June 12th at 9am (Eastern US time). Listen online at

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EMPIRE'S END VIDEO
Posted on Monday, March 16th, 2009

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HAPPY NEW 2009 EVERYONE!!
Posted on Thursday, January 1st, 2009

First of all we have to say sorry for our lack of update. We´re supposed to make a video blog on the tour but nothing wanted to go our way with all the technical stuff. It sucks!

We would like to say thanx to everybody who made the tour possible and all the people who showed up at the shows. It was a awesome tour for us and we had a great time. Thanks!

Another big update is the new Dozer store. Now you can pay with Paypal and all sorts of cards.



Posted on Monday, November 17th, 2008

First and foremost - the new album, "Beyond Colossal", is now officially released and available on Compact Disc. Just go to your local record merchant or order online, either directly from Small Stone Records or from your favorite online dealer. The album will also be released on vinyl by Swedish label GMR, but that lil o' sucker is a few more days away - vinyl release date is, as I typing this, set to November 26th.

Second of all, it's tour time! That's right, kids! DOZER are hitting the European roads this week, so be sure to carefully inspect the tour dates to see if they're rolling into your neck of the woods. They'll -of course- be bringing the "Beyond Colossal" CD with 'em on tour, so bring your piggy banks, your mom, your sugar daddy - or whoever's supplying you with music shopping dough. But that's not all! There's gonna be a video tour blog as well. Yes, the boys will be bringing one of them fancy video capturing devices to record various tour sillyness and then posting it on YouTube @!

The DOZER website, as well as the MySpace has, as you may have noticed, gotten a complete overhaul courtesy of Johan Rockner (bass player/beefcake extraordinaire), so if you're reading this on MySpace - check out, and vice versa. More stuff will most likely be added to the website after the tour.

And last - a DOZER related news nugget of possible interest: VAKA (former DOZER drummer / "Beyond Colossal" engineer Karl Daniel Lidén) has now released album #1. The album includes performances by Tommi & Johan of DOZER, Peder of LOWRIDER / I ARE DROID and maaaa-any, many other cool cats. Read/listen all about it at

Okay, that's it for now!

Drive safe, wear a rubber, peace & happiness and all that jazz


w/ Tank86
2008-11-19 Wild at Heart • Berlin • Germany
2008-11-20 Groove Station • Dresden • Germany
2008-11-21 Rosenkellar • Jena • Germany
2008-11-22 JH area 23 • Limbach-Oberfrohna • Germany
2008-11-24 Kunstkeller • Fürth • Germany
2008-11-25 Arena • Wien • Austria
2008-11-26 Backstage • München • Germany
2008-11-27 Stadtwerkstatt • Linz • Austria
2008-11-28 Nepomuk • Altenkunstadt • Germany
2008-11-29 Westwerk • Osnabrück • Germany
2008-11-30 W2 • Den Bosch • Netherlands w/ Witchcraft
2008-12-02 Kühlhaus • Flensburg • Germany
2008-12-03 Hafenklang • Hamburg • Germany
2008-12-04 Sonic Ballroom • Köln • Germany
2008-12-05 La Zone • Liége • Belgium
2008-12-06 Front • Vroomshop • Netherlands


Posted on Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

As you may or may not have heard Brain Police had to cancel their support slot on our upcoming tour. Read more about it here. To fill their shoes will be Tank 86 from Holland...check them out!


Posted on Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Now - more than a month in advance before the actual shiny plastic disc hits the shelf at your local record mongerer - you have the chance to enjoy our most recent studio effort "Beyond Colossal" on iTunes in all it's full-length glory.

The album is available for purchase in the iTunes Plus format, which means it's double the quality of regular iTunes releases; 256kbit/s instead of a mere 128kbit/s. So now you and your ears will be like all happy smiley face. The price is of course still the same.

The first track of the album; The Flood, has been posted on the DOZER MySpace profile, so scamper on over and check it out whydontcha!

The official release date for the CD is set to November 11th on Small Stone Records.

And as always - stay in school.

//The Dozerettes

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