Johnny Powers

Kick-Ass Rockabilly

Years active 1953-present

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Johnny Powers

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Born May 25, 1938 (age 81  [03-2019])


Johnny Powers (born John Leon Joseph Pavlik) is an American guitar player, singer, writer and producer specializing in rockabilly. Powers is best known for his 1957 recording on the now-defunct Fox Records label entitled “Long Blond Hair”. Powers (as Pavlik) began his professional career in 1953 at age 15, when he joined a local Detroit country band known as Jimmy Williams and the Drifters. Later, having become a fan of Carl Perkins and the young Elvis Presley, Powers began to include rock & roll elements in his music. Until 1955, Powers performed and recorded under his birth name but, following a studio session for Fortune Records in Detroit, co-owner Devora Brown – seeing Pavlik eating a PowerHouse candy bar – gave him the stage name of Johnny Powers.

Powers released a pair of singles on the Fox Records label (not to be confused with today’s 20th Century Fox Records), including “Long Blond Hair”. Fox went out of business soon thereafter and in 1959 Powers signed with Sun Records, which released one single under his name. In 1960, Powers met with Berry Gordy and signed on with Motown Records, becoming the first white male musician to do so; he is also thought to be the only recording artist to have ever been under contract to both Sun and Motown Records. In his five year relationship with Motown, Powers devoted most of his energies to producing and writing rather than recording. Powers has been inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Today, he continues to tour and perform throughout the United States and Europe.  Read the original text here >>> Johnny Powers

Rock! Rock! Rock! - Roller Coaster Roll 2010 [1986]

Johnny Powers & His Rockets - Rock Rock - 1957

Johnny Powers - Be Mine, All Mine - 1959

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