Arthur Conley

60’s Soul 

Years active 1959-1988

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McIntosh County, Georgia, USA

Born Jan. 4, 1946; Died Nov. 17, 2003 (aged 57), Ruurlo, Netherlands


Discography:  Arthur Conley


Arthur Lee Conley (January 4, 1946 – November 17, 2003) was a U.S. soul singer, best known for the 1967 hit "Sweet Soul Music".

Early life

Conley was born in McIntosh CountyGeorgia, U.S., and grew up in Atlanta. He first recorded in 1959 as the lead singer of Arthur & the Corvets. With this group, he released three singles in 1963 and 1964—"Poor Girl", "I Believe", and "Flossie Mae"—on the Atlanta-based record label, National Recording Company. 

Biography and career

In 1964, he moved to a new label (Baltimore's Ru-Jac Records) and released "I'm a Lonely Stranger". When Otis Reddingheard this, he asked Conley to record a new version, which was released on Redding's own fledgling label Jotis Records, as only its second release. Conley met Redding in 1967. Together they rewrote the Sam Cooke song "Yeah Man" into "Sweet Soul Music", which, at Redding's insistence, was released on the Atco-distributed label Fame Records, and was recorded at FAME studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. It proved to be a massive hit, going to the number two position on the U.S. charts and the Top Ten across much of Europe. "Sweet Soul Music" sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc  Read full text here >>>  Arthur Conley

This release, Original Release ATLANTIC ATL 70.206 (SW1967

Sweet soul music    b/w    Let's go steady

Sweet soul music - 1967

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