Bobby Fuller Four

60’s Teen Rocker

Years active: 1962-1966

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Bobby Fuller Four 1965,

L-R Randy FullerBobby FullerDeWayne Quirico and Jim Reese


El Paso, Texas, USA

Its first incarnation was formed in 1962 in El Paso


Discography Bobby Fuller Four 

The Bobby Fuller Four (sometimes stylized as Bobby Fuller 4, aka The Spiders, Bobby Fuller and the Fanatics, The Shindigs) was a popular mid-1960s American rock & roll band started by Bobby Fuller. With its first incarnation formed in 1962 in El Paso, Texas, the group went on to produce some of its most memorable hits under Mustang Records in Hollywood, California. The band's most successful songs include "Let Her Dance", "I Fought the Law", and "Love's Made a Fool of You."


Even before Fuller had established a band in his hometown of El Paso, he recorded his first single, "You're in Love", under Yucca Records in 1961 with assistance of the Embers, a local band that Fuller played in previously. At this point, he started his own band, backed by his brother Randy on bass and Gaylord Grimes on drums in 1962. After "You're in Love" was a regional hit, Fuller had his next single, "Gently My Love" professionally recorded at Norman Petty Recording Studios. While producing another regional hit, Fuller was displeased with the results.  Read full text here >>>  Bobby Fuller Four

Original releases  MUSTANG 3014 (US) 10/1965   b/w   MUSTANG 3016 (US) 1966

This release, re-issue on  ERIC 136 [1968]

I fought the law - 1965   b/w   Love's made a fool of you - 1966

I fought the law - 1965

Love's made a fool of you - 1966

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