Dane Stinit

60’s Country

Birth name, Daniel Stinnett aka Dane Stint (Johnny Cash soundalike)

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DAne Stinit

Owensboro, Kentucky, USA

Born 1938


Discography & info Dane Stinit   


Born Daniel Stinnett, 1938, near Owensboro, Kentucky

Dane Stinit arrived on the music scene ten years too late. In 1956 he might have stood a chance with his Sun singles "Don't Knock What You Don't Understand" and "That Muddy Ole River", but not in 1966, the year in which he recorded them.

Dane Stinnett (his real name) was born on a farm near Owensboro in Kentucky. After finishing high school in 1956, he saw that the job prospects in Owensboro were slender. He had some relations in Gary, Indiana, where he got a job with LTV Steel. He would stay with LTV for 31 years, and eventually settled in Lake Station, Indiana, a community almost entirely populated by transplanted southerners. Dane had played in a little local group in Owensboro, but had no real musical ambitions. On a trip back home in 1965 he was discovered at a party and was brought to the Sun studio by Bettye Berger (Ivory Joe Hunter's manager) to cut a custom session of Johnny Cash covers. Putting it mildly, Stinit's style owes a considerable debt to Johnny Cash. As it happened, Sam Phillips walked in the studio during the session, took over the controls from Stan Kesler and was impressed enough to sign the singer to Sun.  Read full text here >>> Dane Stinit

This release, Original release SUN 402 (US) [05/1966]

Don't knock what you don't understand   b/w   Always on the go

Don't knock what you don't understand

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