Quiet Jungle

60’s Pop 

Years active 1965-1968

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

formed in Toronto, Ontario, in 1965



Quiet Jungle  (aka The Secrets)


The Quiet Jungle: was a Canadian garage rock band formed in Toronto, Ontario, in 1965. At the beginning of the group's recording career, they achieved success with pop and novelty songs. In addition, the band recorded cover albums for Arc Records before venturing into early elements of psychedelic rockwith their best-known single "Ship of Dreams" in 1967. The Quiet Jungle released one more single later in the year before disbanding; however, more recordings are rumored to exist. 


Late in 1965, the band started out as the house act at the Pressmen's Club, performing under the name the Secrets, with a line-up which featured Doug Rankine (lead vocalsrhythm guitar), Bob Mark (lead guitar), Henry S. Thaler (electric piano), Mike Woodruff (bass guitar), and Rick Felstead (drums).   Read full text here >>> Quiet Jungle

Original release AUDIO MASTER (Ont. CAN) 1960    b/w    YORKVILLE YV-45004 (CAN) 1967

This release, re-issues on Classic cr-v 6728 (CAN) [19??]

 R. Dean Taylor - At the highschool dance    b/w    Quiet Jungle - Ship of dreams 

Quiet JungleShip of dreams - 1967

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