Downliners Sect

60’s Pop

Years Active; 1963-1968, 1977-present

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Downliners Sect

Twickenham, London, England

The group started in 1962


Discography: Downliners Sect

Members; Keith Grant, Don Craine, Del Dwyer, John O’Leary, Mark Freeman

The Downliners Sect are an English R&B and blues-based rock band, formed in the 1960s beat boom era. Stylistically, they were similar to blues-based bands, such as The YardbirdsThe Pretty Things and the Rolling Stones, playing basic R&B on their first album The Sect. Critic Richie Unterberger wrote: "The Sect didn't as much interpret the sound of Chess Records as attack it, with a finesse that made the Pretty Things seem positively suave in comparison."…Read the original text here >>> Downliners Sect

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Little Egypt - 1964

Be A Sect Maniac - 1964

Our Little Rendezvous - 1964

Wait For The Light To Shine - 1965

All Night Worker - 1966

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