The Easybeats

60’s Pop 

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Sidney, Australia

Years active 1964 - 1969, 1986


Info!   The Easybeats


The Easybeats were an Australian rock band that formed in Sydney, Australia, in late 1964, and disbanded at the end of 1969. They were the first rock and roll act from Australia to score an international pop hit with the 1966 single "Friday on My Mind".

All five founder members were from families that had migrated to Australia from Europelead singer Stevie Wrightand drummer Gordon "Snowy" Fleet were from Englandrhythm guitarist George Young was from Scotlandlead guitarist Harry Vanda and bassist Dick Diamonde were from the Netherlands… Read the original text here >>> The Easy-beats


Stevie Wright (vocals) (1964-1969, 1986), George Young (guitar) (1964-1969, 1986), Harry Vanda (guitar) (1964-1969, 1986), Dick Diamonde (bass) (1964-1969, 1986), Gordon "Snowy" Fleet (drums) (1964-1967, 1986),Tony Cahill (drums) (1967-1969)

Friday On My Mind - 1965

She's So Fine - 1965

She Said Alright - 1965

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