The Strangeloves

60’s Pop

Years active 1964 - 1968 

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New York City, New York, USA

Band created in 1964

New York

Discography: The Strangeloves

The Strangeloves were a band created in 1964 by a New York-based American songwriting production team who pretended to be from Australia.


Consisting of Bob FeldmanJerry Goldstein, and Richard Gottehrer, The Strangeloves' most successful singles were "I Want Candy," "Cara-Lin", and "Night Time".

Before the invention of The Strangeloves, the three-member team ‒ often going by FGG Productions ‒ had already scored hits for other artists including 1963's "My Boyfriend's Back" by the American female group, The Angels. Feldman and Goldstein had also recorded a couple of non-charting singles as the duo "Bob & Jerry" in 1961-62, and between 1959-61 had been members of various non-charting studio-based recording groups such as Bobbi and the Beaus, Ezra and the Iveys, and The Kittens.[1] However by 1964, the "girl group" sound FGG Productions specialized in was going out of fashion, due to the prevalence of British Invasion-style beat groups. In order to keep up with market trends, FGG decided to "create" a ready-made foreign beat group consisting of themselves; deciding that they couldn't convincingly fake British accents, they opted to pretend to be Australians. … Read the original text here >>> The Strangeloves

Cara-Lin - 1965

I Want Candy - 1965

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