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I’m Stefan, and you have landed in Sweden, on my website, "”. 

On this site you can listen to 30’s Rockabilly through to 60’s Pop. 

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My music taste, Blues, Blues rock, R&B, 40‘s Swing, Boogie woogie, 40‘s-60’ Hillbilly bopDoo Wop, White Doo Wop, Zydeco / Cajun, Skiffle, 30‘s-60’s Kick-Ass RockabillyTeen Beat, Soul, Surf, Twist, 60’s (& 70’s) pop. 

In my collection you can find the Sun 600 series and lots more singles and Lp's

All the tracks in this site has a somewhat low sound quality just to get more space for the music. If you want a better quality on your download just mail me! And yeah, it's for free!!!

You can also visit my YouTube playlist

 In some cases you will find a name like the following example ”The Jaguars (1)” that number "(1)", means only that there are other groups or artists with the same name, but not necessearily in this website. 

Chose the ”Start Here / Search ” link and then go page by page or simply search the entire site. If you don’t find what you seek,  just mail me,  I may still have it, I have a few thousand more tracks than you can find here in this site. Enjoy! / Stefan

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