Gene Wyatt

Kick-Ass Rockabilly

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Gene Wyatt

Lake Village, Arkansas, USA

Born July 28, 1937; Died Jan. 16, 1979 (aged 42), Shreveport, Louisiana


Discography: Gene Wyatt

Gene Wyatt

(Text from the back of the LP)


As the title of this album puts it ‘ Gene Wyatt Rocks Again and White Label Records are pleased to be able to bring you an LP of previously unissued tracks by an artist who. although quite obscure, was a man who had a definite feel’ for the music we love

Of the sixteen tracks on this album no fewer than thirteen have never been out before in any form while the other three are alternate takes of songs on WLP 8874

All the material was recorded at Dee Marais' recording studio which was in the back of his record shop in Louisiana ( Other material from these studios will be appearing on a series of Louisiana LP"s that are in the pipeline here at White Label).

The opening track of Campus Queen is much more primitive in the approach than on WLP 8874 and on this earlier take the lazy redolent rhythm is very much in the mould of the Tennessee Drifters on Maid particularly m the guitar work. This is followed by an alternate take of Little Girl in which Gene's lost the Holly sound on WLP 8874 and is more assured and with a sparse backing including a slap baas. Trying to get good sound from the tapes has caused many hours of problems and Lona Lige' has some distortion but is a solid Rocker which could have been better without the girlie chorus (Wonder who the Chuck was mentioned on guitar ?). Rhythm is an instrumental that eventually became ’Like Last Night’ and it's interesting to speculate as to why they slowed the tempo down a bit for the vocal version

The tape box that stated The Contest' by Gene Wyatt with the Reuben Bell Band ls obviously of a later vintage with mention of the Twist and Popeye in the lyrics We have included two completely different takes Take 1 being a storming Rocker with great guitar and piano with take 6 being slower but having a fabulous piano break from, we believe, the totally obscure, but good Reuben Bell From this later period came the amusingly entitled song "Grandpa’s teaching Grandma to Limbo Rock which is a lot tougher than the title would leave us to believe. The two takes used ( 1 and 3 ) of ‘Twistin’ Bones’ prove that the word Twist can be very deceptive on a tape box Both are quite wild and Gene’s vocals are unlike anything else we have beard by him !  A battered box with the legend Instrumental Try outs’ on it led us to find an amazing guitar / Slap bass track that was just marked up as ”Gene's Bop” and despite lengthy enquiries we were unable to find any more out about who was on it The same tape contained another instrumental we have used and it was just described as ”Guitar led Instrumental”. With the remainder of the song' on this LP Gene Wyatt lays down an assortment of Southern Rock and Roll and although he never reached the status of ’Star’ he was one of hundreds of aspiring Rock and Rol l singers who are finally getting some recognition for their contributions to Fifties Rock and Roll


Gene Wyatt ”Rocks Again - White Label WLP 8887 [1985]

Gene Wyatt & The Peermonts - Twistin’ Bones (vers. 1) - 1960

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