Rockabilly before Elvis 1935-1953

Rockabilly before Elvis Presley


1949-1955    1956-1    1956-2    1957-1   1957-2    1958-1    1958-2    1958-3    1959-1    1959-2    1959-3

1960    1961    1962    1963    1964    1965-1969    1970-1978     The SUN 600-series         10” Lp’s

Kick-Ass Rockabilly   Hillbilly Bop, the almost Rockabilly  Rockabilly Rumble   Rare Rockin’ Girls   Teen Beat & Teen Rock

The 1960’s Pop Era   All new tracks and requests   Varied sets of 50's Rockabilly+

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The artists listed here are as follows,

Little Junior’s Blue Flames,   Tampa Red,   Washboard Sam & Big Bill Broonzy,   Leroy Dallas,   Tommy McClennan

The Maddox Brothers & Rose,   Jack Turner & His Granger County Gang,    Eddie Cletro & His Round Up Boys,     Shuler’s All Star Revelier,     

Professor Longhair,     Jerry Irby & The Texas Ranchers,     Maddox Bros. & Rose,     Washboard Sam

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