Jeff Daniels


Birth name, Luke Jefferson McDaniel aka Luke McDaniel, Jeff Daniels

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Luke McDaniel - Jeff Daniels

Laurel, Mississippi, USA

Born Feb. 3, 1927, Died June 27, 1992 (aged 65), Mobile Alabama


Luke McDaniel / Luke McDaniel 

 (aka Jeff Daniels)

Luke McDaniel (February 3, 1927 – June 27, 1992), who also recorded under the stage name Jeff Daniels, was an American country and rockabilly music singer and songwriter. He was the grandfather of Mississippi state senator Chris McDaniel


McDaniel was born in Laurel, Mississippi and raised on a farm. He learned to play mandolin in high school, playing in local churches and public events. In 1945, he formed his own band, which opened for Hank Williams at a show in New Orleans in 1950. In 1952, he auditioned for Trumpet Records, but was initially turned down for a recording session. After Trumpet label head Lillian McMurry asked him to return with better songwriting material, he wrote ... More...

Original release MELADEE M-117 (US) 1956

This release, repro MELADEE M-117 [1975]

Hey woman  //  Daddy-O-Rock

Hey woman - 1956

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