Rudy Grayzell


always klick on pic’s.

Saspamco, Texas, USA

Birth June 8, 1933


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Rudy 'Tutti' Grayzell

Birth name Rudolph Paiz Jimenez  

aka Rudy "Tutti" Grayzell (born in Saspamco, Texas on June 8, 1933) is a Rockabilly musician.  He was born Rudolph Paiz Jimenez, and took his stage-name from his German great-grandmother. He first formed "The Buckles", which became "Texas Kool Kats" and a popular local group. He also had a daily radio show in 1957. These groups were country-oriented, but he moved toward a more rockabilly sound with "Let's Get Wild" or "Duck Tail." In the 1950s he toured with Elvis Presley. He is an inductee of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. His chief mainstream contribution has been as "celebrity spokesman" for Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops, sporting a wild pompadour wig, much jewelry and a pasted-on thatch of chest hair.

Original release,  STARDAY 45-241 (US) 05/1956

This release, repro STARDAY 45-241 [1972]

Ducktail  //  You’re gone

Ducktail - 1956

Other version of Ducktail - 1956   By Joe Clay

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