Jimmie Dawson

Country Rock

Birth name, Thomas Latham legally changed to Jimmie Dawson in 1956 ; Years active ca 1950- maybe 1970’s ?

(also known as Jeff Latham, Jimmy Jeffers, Tommy Latham, Tune Busters, Jokers, Dave Farley, Dixie Drifter, Jeffrey Parnell, Wild Cards & Tune Twisters)

"Jeffrey Parnell" may not be a pseudonym for Jimmie Dawson.

always klick on pic’s.

Haynesville, Louisiana, USA

Born 1927, Died 1992 (aged 65)


Discogr. & Info Jimmie Dawson

Jimmie Dawson Rustic 1926

It was said that Jimmy Dawson nearly drove his mom, dad and two sisters nearly insane when his grandfather gave him his first guitar and a 'tater-but' mandolin and he commenced to practicing and learning to be a musician.

But it paid off for Jimmy. When he was just eighteen, he went to Modesto, California and hooked up with radio station KMOD. The first song he wrote was published by Hill and Range, "What Have You Got That Makes Me Hang Around." But since then, he was writing for Fairway Music.

In a 1953 article, they mention some of his other tunes were "Flat-Top", "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" and were recorded by Jimmy on the Playboy label. Another tune he wrote, "Walkin' Around in Circles" was recorded for Mercury Records by Red Kirk.

Credits & Sources

  • Country Song Roundup No. 24; June 1953; American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT

See the original text at  Hill-Billy Music...

Original release, RUSTIC 1926 (US) 02/1957 ; This release, repro RUSTIC 1926 [1970’s/80s ?]

It Took An Older Woman   b/w   Money talks

It Took An Older Woman - 1957

More Jimmie Dawson ; K-ARK K-774 - 1968

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