Andy Anderson

and The Dawnbreakers


Birth name, Edgar L. Anderson III, 1935 in Clarksdale, Mississippi) aka Andy Anderson

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Andy Anderson and grp

Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA

Born 1935, (age 83)


Discography / info Andy Anderson (1)

Life, Childhood and youth: Anderson grew up on his parents' farm in Mississippi. On weekends, he often attended concerts by blues musicians such as Howlin 'Wolf or John Lee Hooker, who performed on the parental plantation. Another musical influence was the Grand Ole Opry from Nashville, the most successful country show in the USA. Anderson began playing the guitar in 1951 with the support of his mother. In the mid-1950s, he began studying at Mississippi State University. 

Career: As He founded Anderson 1954/1955 in Starksville, Mississippi, with Joe Tubb (electric guitar), "Cuz" Covington (bass), Bobby Lyon (drums), James Aldridge and Roy Estes (piano) the Rolling Stones, with whom he worked in the environment played at local events. Their popularity grew rapidly and soon they were in Mississippi the most successful and well-known rockabilly band. Therefore, Anderson and the Rolling Stones ventured to Memphis, Tennessee in 1956 to audition Sam Phillips, owner of Sun Records. For their session in the Sun studio, which was supervised by Jack Clement, they had to pay themselves. Anderson offered Phillips Johnny Valentine and Tough, Tough, Tough for release but Phillips refused. In 1957, Murray Nash Associates from Nashville took over the management of the band and gave Anderson a record deal with Felsted Records from New York City. Johnny Valentine was rehearsed here together with I-I-I Love You and released in early 1958. The song showed strong sales and shortly thereafter entered the national charts. Anderson and the Rolling Stones were hired for the Louisiana Hayride and had appearances in Dick Clark's American Bandstand as well as in Alan Freed's show from Philadelphia. Author and record collector Johnny Sumrall described Anderson's concerts at the time: "They would all come down there and Andy Andy's guitar pick .. and they were patterning a lot after Andy's band. Like it should be played. "[1] 1959 was followed for Apollo Records from New York with You Shake Me Up / The Way She Smiled another single. In 1960 and 1962 three plates appeared at Century Ltd. and Hermitage, but Anderson could not establish himself in the national music business. He retired back to his parents' plantation in 1959 and then lived in California, where he was active as an actor. The next few years Anderson lived a "normal" life as a businessman and cared for his cancerous brother, who died in 1969. In 1974, Anderson, together with J.J. Hettinger at the Malaco Studio in Jackson again recordings that were held in folk-rock / blues style. Since 1983, Anderson appears again and is also known in Europe.

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Original release CENTURY LTD 45-601 (US) 05/1960 / This release, repro Century Ltd 45-601 [1970s (80’s)]

 Gimmie lock a yo hair  b/w  Tough tough tough

Gimmie lock a yo hair - 1960

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